Season Predictions

We are hours away from the start of the NFL season. So, before the first game kickoffs let me make my season predictions for the league and I will go more in-depth on the Fins at the very end.

AFC East
New England--The class of the division 12-4
Miami--Maybe not playoff ready but improved over last year 9-7
NY Jets--Very Old team now 8-8
Buffalo--Don't get all the Buffalo hype 5-11

AFC North
Pittsburgh-Most well rounded team in the AFC 13-3
Baltimore-Seems to be taking steps backwards 10-6
Cleveland-About a year away from making a splash 7-9
Cincinnati-Worst team in the NFL 1-15

AFC South
Houston-They finally arrive  10-6
Tennessee-New coach puts life into this dead franchise 8-8
Indy-No Manning=No Winning 8-8
Jacksonville-Bad....really Bad 4-12

AFC West
San Diego-Rivers makes his mark on the league 14-2
Kansas City-Team moving in the right direction 9-7
Denver-Orton has a big year heading into Free Agency 7-9
Oakland-Same Ole Raiders 5-11

NFC East
Dallas-How bout them Cowboys 11-5
Philly-Vick comes back to Earth 10-6
NY Giants-Too many injuries 7-9
Washington-Total SUCK FOR LUCK mode 4-12

NFC North
Green Bay-Still the class of the Division 11-5
Detroit-Probably one year away still 9-7
Minnesota-Lots of questions around this team 8-8
Chicago-End of the line for Lovie Smith 6-10

NFC South
Atlanta-Loaded offense to go with a good defense 14-2
New Orleans-Elite offensive team 11-5
Tampa Bay-Up and coming team takes a step back 8-8
Carolina-God Awful 2-14

NFC West
St.Louis-Sam Bradford is for real 9-7
Arizona-Kolb can play in this league 8-8
Seattle-Pete Carroll wishes he was still at USC 6-10
San Fran-Rough Rookie year for Harbaugh 4-12

San Diego
New England

Green Bay
New Orleans

Atlanta over Pittsburgh

Now, on to our Dolphins. I think the Fins surprise a lot of people this year. I also think they get out of the box real quick. I see Miami upsetting New England and Houston the first to games and jumping out to a 2-0 start just like last year. The Dolphins defense will be scary good this season keeping the Fins in almost every game and it will be up to the offense to make a few plays to win the games. Henne will improve this year but he still is an average at best QB in my mind. The offense will make more "chunk yardage" plays and "big" plays this season as well which will make this team more fun to watch. The concern is can they run the ball when they need to. In short yardage or to run out the clock in games late. The offensive line is a total disaster and the running backs are huge question marks. I see a 2 game improvement for the Fins, finishing up at 9-7. Probably not good enough to save Sparano's job and probably not good enough to end the search for our "Quarterback of the Future." But it should be a less frustrating season for Dolphins fans than in recent years. And a more exciting team to watch week in and week out.