Some Fans Need to Get a Clue

It's tough being a Miami Dolphins fan right now in 2011. The team has looked horrible in the first two games of the season and things don't look too good with the upcoming schedule. With 3 road games in a row coming up if you are low on optimism no one would blame you. The head coach was brought back by the owner after the owner clearly didn't want him back. That isn't "Lame Duck" status, oh no that is "Dead Duck" status. Sparano never had a chance to succeed this year and we are seeing the results of that before our eyes every Sunday. It was a short offseason granted (but the same length for all 32 teams) and the front office did nothing to improve the team. The o-line is worse than last years, the secondary that couldn't catch a cold was brought back, the same lackluster quarterback was given the starting job again no questions asked, and to fix our pass rush problem we re-signed a 15 year vet on his last dancing legs. I don't know if this team was intentionally put together to "fail" but from an outsiders view it sure does look that way.

So, being one of the founders of this site we try to keep our fingers on the pulse of the fans at all times. What are the fans saying and feeling. What are their thoughts and opinions on this or on that with regards to the Miami Dolphins. I make it a habit to visit various Miami Dolphins message boards daily. Not so much to post but to just skim and read through to see what the fan-base is thinking. And I must say some fans really need to get a clue. Let's cut through the BS and dispel 3 myths right now.

1) Chad Henne is having a good start to the season----After 2 weeks this is 100% not true. Is Henne playing better than last year, YES. Hell I hope so he couldn't be any worse. But after 2 games Chad Henne still isn't a quality NFL QB. I'm sorry people but what games are you watching? Yes, in week 1 Henne was  good, not great but good. But last week was the same ole' Chad Henne and his play stunk.

Chad Henne reminds me of George W. Bush. The bar is set so low that any little thing he does people want to proclaim as great. The bar was set so low for George W. that anytime he could put together a cohesive sentence that sounded somewhat intelligent people were so shocked they would heap praise on him. With Henne any game he doesn't throw 2 or 3 interceptions people think is an automatic "good to great" performance. Miami Dolphins fans have been beaten down so much after seeing so many years of downright horrible quarterback play that any time we see a completed pass we think its some great act of nature. Chad Henne's accuracy the first 2 games has been average to poor. And in week 2 his play inside the 4 trips in the red zone was beyond horrible. He couldn't have hit land if he were skydiving. It was brutal and painful to watch. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fooling themselves.

Is Henne better than last year.....YES! Is he a good NFL Quarterback....Not even close!

2) The Media is too Negative when it comes to the Dolphins---This is one I read on almost every message board and it always makes me laugh. First and foremost its not the medias job to make you feel good about your team. It's not the medias job to go out of their way to find good things to report about a team. It's not the medias job to be an advocate or PR spokesman for the franchise. And its damn sure NOT the local medias job to be "blind homers" and be "go-team-go" when reporting on the Dolphins.

The media has to report what they see and follow up on stories they hear. If it happens to be mostly if not all negative, then so be it. Do you think the newspapers writers in New England, Green Bay, or Atlanta are accused of being "too positive?" HELL NO! But I bet 95% of what they write is positive because what happens on and off the field around those teams IS positive. When you are a bottom feeder franchise like the Dolphins are now (yes folks, they are, deal with it) then you have to deal with negative stories being written about the team.

Tell me honestly, WHAT POSITIVE STORY SHOULD A NEWSPAPER OR RADIO GUY BE TALKING ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE DOLPHINS? Name 1? Our coach is on the hot seat, our QB play is bad, our best pass rusher looks like he got old overnight, we can't win a game....tell me where is the positive story? Our corner-backs who talk a great game but play a crappy one? Want to write about that?

Everyone was up in arms when Mike and Mike on ESPN picked the Fins to win 2 or 3 games this year. Or Mad Dog Russo on SIRIUS said the Fins will be lucky to win 3 this year and bet a large sum of money on the "UNDER" win total. Or when this ESPN guy or that ESPN guy laughs at the Fins on TV. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about this for a minute. Do you think they are willing to be WRONG in front of millions of people  and hurt their reputation because they have some grudge vs the Dolphins? Their word and their opinions is their livelihood. They are just stating the obvious and the truth hurts some Dolphins fans.

So, fans.....enough with the "blaming the media for being negative." It's old, its tired, and it just isn't true!

3) It does no good to fire a coach in the middle of the season--People who think this are downright crazy. Seriously, we put pets and animals to sleep to put them out of their misery and the same line of thinking should be used for NFL head coaches. If we start 0-6 or 1-5 then you can make a valid case to fire Sparano and let another guy finish up the last couple months. The fans are sick of him, according to some rumblings some of the players are tired of his ways, the stadium is empty and nobody is going to games, and we all know the owner wants him gone. What good does it do anyone involved to watch him go out there and suffer Sunday after Sunday? None whatsoever.

Sparano was fighting with fans in the preseason he was fighting with fans last week with the news of 10,000 empty seats. His comments were laughable and a joke. There are 3, yes 3, NFL teams that have more wins at Sun-Life Stadium since Jan 2010 than he has. Steelers, Texans, and Pats have 2 wins in that time frame. The Fins have 1. If Sparano hasn't hit rock bottom then I don't know how much lower one can sink.

Firing Sparano mid-season isn't about trying to save the season or win games. It isn't about trying to find your next head coach. It's about moving on from this disaster and giving everyone involved some much needed relief. I have said it a number of times and I will say it again. Sparano seems like a nice man and a good guy. If it were up to me I wouldn't fire him till after the Thanksgiving Day game when you have a 10 day rest period. But, if they fired him in early October I wouldn't be up in arms or upset one bit.

So fellow Dolphins fans, I know things are tough right now. We are all in this together and I won't lie to you it sucks. It really really sucks. The best thing to do is to hope for the best but unfortunately expect the worse. And pray someone close to Stephen Ross guides him through these tough times and this franchise gets turned around. But in the meantime, don't fool yourself into thinking Henne is good, the media is out to get us, and firing Sparano is pointless. For that group out there, GET A CLUE!