Daniel Thomas is the "KEY" to the game vs Houston
Well its Week 2 and the Dolphins have another tough test in front of them. They play an organization they have never beaten and are going up against a high powered offense that is similar to the Pats offense they faced 6 days ago.

For the Dolphins they have to do a lot of what they did Monday on offense, spread the field and let Henne throw it around. They also need to run the ball some more and hopefully having Daniel Thomas back we will see that. For all the good Brian Daboll did Monday night calling the offense there were some red flags in my eyes with his goal-line playcalling and how he used Reggie Bush.Hopefully a healthy Daniel Thomas corrects both problems.

On defense the Fins have their hands full. Andre Johnson must be double teamed at all time, no doubt about that. Adrian Foster will play and his back-up Ben Tate is equally as good, so this team has a 1-2 punch in the running game that is second to none in the NFL. And Schaub is a top NFL QB who doesn't make many mistakes.

This should be a nip-tuck game I believe with both teams offenses ahead of the defenses. When push comes to shove though and with the fact Miami has never beaten Houston ever,  the Dolphins owe this team one! My pick   Dolphins 26  Texans 23


  1. Well...I hope you're right and I'm wrong. My biggest fear today is Colombo Vs Mario Williams. Colombo has sucked against middle of the pack guys so how is he going to respond when he goes up against a guy like Williams? We'll have a guy named Williams in our backfield today, but his name will be Mario, not Ricky :)


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