The Miami Dolphins are at it again, they have started 0-2 at home this year and are now 1-11 at home in the last 12 home games. If there's a question of why Dolphin fans are staying away from attending games there's your answer right there. In the current economic conditions no one is willing to spend hundreds of dollars for 3 hours of aggravation, there is plenty of things to do in South Florida that will actually bring you joy not sorrow. The game against the Houston Texans was a sample of what the Dolphins have been for far too long now, in a word mediocre. Gone are the days of this team being a contender. The last time this team mattered the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions were the laughing stock of the NFL, the tables have turned however and the Dolphins are the ones being laughed at while the Saints have won a Super Bowl and are an annual contender and Detroit has a young talented up and coming team with a brighter future than the Dolphins.

The miss steps by this organization since the hiring of Bill Parcells have been so many it's hard to list on this blog, from their inability to draft a franchise QB to the Swiss cheese offensive line they have not been able to fix in 4 years. This year has been no exception, the release of Channing Crowder and AJ Edds are now coming back to hurt the club. Karlos Dansby is injured and Kevin Burnett seems to be auditioning for the lead role in the next remake of the invisible man movie. The offensive line did a good job of run blocking against the Texans but Marc Colombo was responsible for the interception Chad Henne threw and to this point has looked more like a professional bull fighter than an offensive lineman. The Dolphins had an opportunity to improve this position, Bryant McKinney from the U was available after the Vikings cut him, an obvious upgrade that for whatever reason this organization ignored. McKinney is now in Baltimore starting at left tackle while Dolphin fans take bets on how long it will be before Colombo gets Henne killed. Speaking of Henne, he took a vicious hit on Sunday and came up holding his head like it was going to fall off. Henne's backup is Matt Moore, a journey man player that had a horrible year in Carolina last year. If Henne gets hurt how long will it be before the Dolphins regret not picking up David Garrard.

This team is a shadow of it's former self, it's a team with a problem but a failure to admit it and get the help it needs. It is becoming painfully obvious that a new direction is needed, fresh ideas from people with a fresh outlook and a drive to succeed. It needs bold men that will make bold moves to bring this team back to glory. We have had too many Dave Wannstedt clones, men unwilling to take risks to try and reach greatness, men without vision who are afraid to step outside their comfort zones. When President Kennedy decided we had to reach the moon before the Russians he made the decision knowing the risks but he also knew that greatness can't be achieved without the willingness to take those risks. The clock started ticking really loud this weekend in Davie and it will only get louder as the season moves on, tick..tock..tick..tock goes the clock, not long now before Stephen Ross gets the chance to right the ship.


  1. I don't know if our owner can fix anything, he let SF steal a great coach and now they are riding high and we are falling deeper into the pit.

  2. You're right about that, but he will have the chance, let's hope he learned from his first failed attempt. I don't think he had a chance anyway, Harbaugh was not going to leave the San Francisco area.


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