The Dolphins have been blessed with a very strong kicking team over the past few years. Brandon Fields and Dan Carpenter are among the NFL's best punter and kicker respectively. John Denney is an effective long-snapper (and a good special teams contributor as well). Fields is already averaging over 50 yards per punt, among the league's best. Carpenter is a perfect 1/1 in FG tries. Nevertheless, the Dolphins will try to reduce the role of their kicking game in 2011-2012 in order to increase the number of touchdowns. One would agree that this is a very worthy goal. However, it appeared from the game against the Patriots that the Dolphins are still afflicted with the same inability to easily punch in a TD from the red zone. Going for the TD on fourth down can be a good choice if one has the personnel to be successful on a high-percentage basis. I'm not certain that that is the case here. The Dolphins usually have to struggle mightily when they are successful near the opposing goal line. Every drive should culminate in the attainment of points, even three points if necessary. I have a distinct feeling that the kicking team will continue to play a disproportionate role in the Miami Dolphin offense. And the defense had better shape up. And soon. Otherwise none of this will be of any consequence.