Monday, October 31, 2011

Where's Waldo?

The Dolphins are one of the worst teams in the NFL, they've started 0-7 and have lost 10 straight games. Things have gotten so bad that their own fans root against them in hopes they win the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes. The reasons for this team's current predicament are many and have been talked about endlessly here on this site. The team lacks talent, has an outdated blueprint and the games most important position, QB, is still a question 12 years after Dan Marino's retirement. We hear every week from Tony Sparano as he struggles to find reasons for another loss and has to explain to reporters why he put his house up for sale. We have also heard from owner Stephen Ross, his disappointment and weight of what's ahead evident in his words. I see the strain on both men weekly and it begs the question, where's Waldo?

Waldo if you fans don't know is Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Where is he in all of this? Where is his explanation for this teams collapse? It seems unfair to me that the coach and the owner are constantly grilled and blamed for the current state of the team but the guy responsible for putting this team together hasn't said a word or had to answer a question. Ireland has apparently put himself in the witness protection program. This shows an incredible lack of character from Ireland, he's let other men take the heat while he cowers in a dark room. This shouldn't surprise us, Ireland has a history of having no backbone. He didn't stand up to owner Stephen Ross last year when his "Good Friends" job was on the line and Ross decided to go after Jim Harbaugh before he even fired his current coach, but Ireland was worried more about his own backside than doing the right thing, coward! He brings in Dez Bryant a 22 year old kid for a predraft meeting and from a position of power he asks him if his mom is a prostitute, knowing quite well that Bryant wouldn't do anything because he would cost himself millions, personaly the millions would have been worth it to slap Ireland out of his chair, coward! Now the team he built is going down in flames and once again Ireland shows his true color is yellow not aqua and orange.

Ireland you see is not a leader of men, he is not someone who inspires others to do better. He's a divider, a cancer that attacks healthy cells. Ireland is not the captain that valiently goes down with the ship to ensure everyone on it is safe, he's the captain that lets others drown to save his own life. You might say this is a harsh assessment of a man I have never met, but I say to you that actions speak louder than words. This team will have a new coach in 2012 but at least Sparano showed courage in the face of adversity and that's why he hasn't lost his team although they haven't won a game. Ross can't stop at just the coach, Ireland needs to also be shown the door because he's part of the problem not part of the solution.

Fisher and Gruden atop the new list with recent Cowher news

While nobody believes a word Bill Cowher said yesterday on THE NFL TODAY about having "no plans to coach in 2012" the Dolphins are moving forward as if what Cowher said was true. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins are going to reach out to Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden, but only when they fire Sparano. I guess the 3rd time is the charm for Ross who has realized don't talk to anyone until you fire your current head coach. Well it finally sunk it I guess, thank god.

Jackson is also reporting that as of last weekend Urban Myer was not a candidate for the job.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sparano still Safe

Stephen Ross said after today's loss to the NY Giants that Tony Sparano will not be fired this week.

Bill Cowher: I have no plans on coaching in 2012

On THE NFL TODAY on CBS Bill Cowher opened the show saying he has no plans on coaching in 2012.

Jason La Canfora reports he belives Cowher to Miami will happen

This morning on the NFL Network NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported from information that he is hearing that he believes Bill Cowher will be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins after this season.

Fins-Giants Prediction

At least the whole day won't be ruined. Enjoy the picture
This will be short and sweet folks. The Dolphins are walking into a nightmare this Sunday afternoon. Vonate Davis is out and is being replaced by a rookie. Daniel Thomas is out and being replaced with a dinged up Reggie Bush and Steve Slaton. Matt Moore with banged up ribs is gonna try and go. But if he can't go much past the 1st quarter or so then JP Losman, yes JP Losman will take his place under center. This is bad Dolphins fans....really bad. The Fins have hung in there in pretty much every game this year fighting to the end. Hell they had 2 games (Cleveland and Denver) won as they had the lead for over 58 minutes in both. But this game has blowout written all over it.

The Giants had a game at home vs Seattle a few weeks back that they lost. A game no way they should have lost vs a horrible team. The Giants will not make the same mistake twice. And with that overpaid, overrated, hack Brandon Marshall running his mouth earlier this week any chance of the Giants making the same mistake twice went out the window. This one will be ugly.  Giants 45  Dolphins 6

Keeping Up With Luck

The young man just about all Dolphin fans would love to see in a Dolphins uniform next year, Andrew Luck, led Stanford to their 15th win in a row with a thrilling 56-48 triple overtime victory over USC. Luck was 29 of 40 for 330 yards and 3 TD's, but also showed that he is human by throwing a pick six late in the game to give USC a 7 point led with just over 3 minutes left in the game. But Luck drove the Cardinals 60 yards in 2:30 to tie it up, then threw a 5 yard TD pass in the third OT to win it. Luck also tacked on 36 yards and a TD on the ground. Luck's stats for the season: 174 of 242, 2218 yards (71.9% comp) 23 TD, 4 INT and his QB rating is 176.9

I watched the end of this game last night and the thing that impressed me the most came after Luck had thrown the INT to give USC the lead. Sure, Luck was mad at himself, but when the offense came back on that field, nobody was sulking or pouting or looking desperate. They all had that look of confidence, like they KNEW Luck would still lead them to a win. It's so easy to see why everyone wants him. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Daniel Thomas and Vontae Davis OUT for Giants game

Daniel Thomas will not play Sunday vs the NY Giants. It will be the 3rd game the rookie running back has missed this season. Vontae Davis is also now listed as out and Jimmy Wilson will start in his place.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ross already Annoying and Upsetting Bill Cowher

Stupid Is as Stupid Does
Stephen Ross who claimed he learned his lesson last January when he went chasing after a head coach when he already had a head coach under contract obviously learned nothing and is still clueless. Albert Breer of and the NFL Network is reporting Stephen Ross has reached out to Bill Cowher's agent about becoming the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. One problem,  Cowher has given specific instructions to his agent not to talk to any owner or franchise about a coaching job if they still have a current head coach in place. Ross still hasn't learned that NFL head coaches are a tight group that look out for each other and you can't back-stab one without the rest turning on you. Ross made this mistake once and he clearly hasn't learned his lesson.

There are numerous reports that Bill Cowher is very interested in the Miami job.From reports on CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, and even sources close to Dan Marino are saying as such. Cowher is interested in the Miami job. What is not to love about this job right now, a great franchise with a rich history in a great state with no state income tax, and a  he will have a Top 2 or 3 draft pick at worst. Pretty much if Miami (ie Ross) does nothing, just sits on his hands and watches the birds for the next couple months,  Cowher might come begging to him in a few weeks. But leave it to Stephen Ross to possibly screw things up and annoy Cowher in the process. And if Ross is in such a rush to talk to Cowher, just fire Sparano and do it.

I always find it tough to call a billionaire stupid, because well he is a billionaire so he must have done something right in his life. But Ross might be flat dumb! Stone Cold Stupid. Not even 9 months ago Ross did this very same thing and took hell for it in the media and among other NFL owners and this fool is making the same mistake.

For the Love of God will someone tell Stephen Ross to do nothing. That he is about to backdoor his way into something great. Possibly the #1 overall pick in the draft, the next great NFL QB who will sell out his stadium for a decade and sell him a ton of merchandise, and probably get himself a top flight NFL head coach of his choice. All Ross has to do is stay quiet and do nothing for 8 weeks. 8 stinkin god damn lousy weeks! Not forever, just 8 weeks!! Someone handcuff him to his bed, because really he has a situation he can't even screw up. But maybe I am underestimating him because it looks like he is about to screw it up!

Jimmy Wilson to start on Sunday at CB

With Vontae Davis missing his 3rd day of practice and most likely out Sunday vs the Giants, Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that Jimmy Wilson will start in his place. Nolan Carroll had started the other times Vontae has missed games but the results were not good at all. So, Jimmy Wilson will get a shot this week in the starting lineup. Wilson has one of the teams two interceptions this year as well as a forced fumble.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bell To Bush: You Stink

After last Sunday's embarrassing loss to Denver, Reggie Bush was quoted as saying "We stink". Yeremiah Bell didn't take to kindly to Bush's statement. He told Jeremiah Thermidor of The Miami Dolphins Examiner, “He stinks. That shouldn’t be said around this locker room. We know that we’re 0-6 and we’re not playing the best but at the same time there’s no need for that.”

Another Dolphin Speaks Out On Suck For Luck

Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano is the lastest Dolphin to speak his mind on the Dolphins fans Suck For Luck campaign. In an interview with New York radio station WFAN, Fasano said, "It's sick, actually. I can't even fathom those thoughts of those people that conjure up that stuff," They have never played sports and pretty much aren't really our loyal fans. I can't really put any weight into that and I know the players don't listen to it. It's a shame, but people are going to talk and we just have to block that out."

I can understand this must be wearing on the players. They want to win. Sensible people know that they are not going to lose games, or tank games on purpose. Media (such as the Sentinel's Dave Hyde) have endorsed this and even Dan Marino insinuated it might not be a bad idea. They must feel like everyone is against them. But what they need to understand is that the majority of us ARE loyal fans. We are just tired of losing. We are tired of seeing New England and lately the Jets go to the playoffs year after year while the Dolphins wallow in mediocrity. Long time fans (such as myself) were spoiled by Dan Marino and Bob Griese before him. We are tired of mediocre play at the QB position. Hell, even Jay Fiedler doesn't look that bad now.

The Dolphins next 2 games are on the road then they come home for 4 out of the next 5. They will likely come home 0-8. My best advice would be to tone it out, not pay attention or laugh it off because it is only going to get worse. That loss to the Broncos really gave it a lot of momentum. The only way it's going to stop is to win. Then again, you might get booed for that too.

Channing Crowder has a lot to say about the Dolphins

From the Miami Herald: 

• “For that regime to put their jobs in Chad Henne’s hands and bring Matt Moore in to back him up, it’s just a bad decision. If you don’t have a quarterback, you can’t win.”

• Trading the 12th pick for the 28th and 40th picks in the 2010 Draft (Jared Odrick and Koa Misi). “Jared could play for 32 teams, but you already had six defensive linemen,” Crowder said. “You could have had Dez Bryant. You drafted d-lineman after d-lineman but don’t address the quarterback position. It’s crazy. Me and Karlos Dansby were talking about that during camp.”

• Signing Reggie Bush instead of Ahmad Bradshaw and signing Marc Colombo to play right tackle. “Colombo is terrible,” Crowder said. “Reggie is a great gimmick guy. Reggie can’t teach Daniel Thomas to be a running back because he’s a glorified receiver.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marshall attacks the Gameplan

The big Baby Brandon Marshall is at it again. Now he is attacking the Dolphins game-plan vs the Jets. Marshall leads the NFL in drops this season, has the most drops of any NFL player since 2007, and has dropped 5 touchdowns this year alone; but he is attacking the coaches and the game-plan saying the ball wasn't coming his way enough vs the Jets. “Of course I didn't like the game plan because the ball wasn’t coming to me enough,” Marshall said, per The Sporting News.

In the rest of Sporting News Article this is what Marshall had to say...

So here’s what he (Marshall) did: He plopped his playbook down while his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, was cooking. He opened to look at the first play and began spouting off what the team had been doing wrong on that play. And then on the next. And the one after that.

“Look, baby, the stats say this,” Marshall told his wife. “Statistically, they’re in Cover-1, and when they’re in Cover-1, this is the best route for me to run. I should be on this route, and this makes no sense.”

Eventually, Nogami-Marshall stopped him. “Are you just venting?” she asked. “Yes,” Marshall said, emphatically. “Lack of expression equals depression!”

 It's safe to say Marshall is bat-shit crazy and I don't think his stay in Miami will last much past this season. This is the early stages of Marshall forcing his way out of town and outbursts like this and interviews like this will probably become more common the rest of the year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CBS Report: Fins Contact Bill Cowher's people

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is reporting that people in the Dolphins front office have reached out to people close to  Bill Cowher about their soon to be vacant head coaching position. Carl Peterson who is unofficially running the Dolphins these days has ties to Cowher from their time together in Kansas City. Cowher was a defensive coordinator in KC from 1989-1991. Cowher is still technically part of the  Steelers organization since he resigned and wasn't fired. And it would cost the Dolphins "compensation" of some form to Pittsburgh to acquire him. It is against NFL rules to trade draft picks for a coach, after the Gruden fiasco in Oakland the NFL put a stop to that. So any compensation would be financial in nature. And its tough to see the Rooney family playing hardball with their favorite son Cowher who did so much for that organization, most likely they would let him go to another team and not try and block anything. That's how a "class" organization is run.

Jason Cole of YAHOO Sports is reporting that Dan Marino who works with Cowher every week is telling Dolphins management that Cowher is gearing up for a return to the NFL.

Dolphins Ink Former Bills QB Losman

The Dolphins sgned former Buffalo Bills QB J.P. Losman today and placed Sage Rosenfels on the non-football injury list. Rosenfels is still suffering from the affects of the blood infection and strep throat from earlier this year.

Mysteries solved

Strange occurrences continually arise in football. It often takes years to decipher the reasons for such happenings. Many of these instances are in the form of decisions. For example, the Houston Texans were excoriated for taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush with the first pick in the NFL draft. Now everyone realizes that was the correct choice. Here are a few mysteries that have been resolved during this miserable Dolphins season:

1) The Denver Broncos refused to pay Brandon Marshall like an elite receiver, causing him to become a "problem child". Guess what? Marshall isn't an elite receiver and is still a problem child. The Dolphins, desperate for a wide receiver, read his statistics (except his dropped passes) and trusted his football reputation. They gave him a huge contract and traded two valuable second-round draft choices to Denver to obtain him. Marshall's lack of production and possible negative effect on the team have been well-documented. Now we realize Denver was right.

2) After winning the Super Bowl with the NY Giants in 1990, Bill Parcells insisted on full control of the team. That included all personnel decisions. The Giants refused and Parcells resigned. Giant fans screamed about letting "the great" Parcells leave. Years later, Parcells took control of the Dolphins and helped to destroy the franchise. Now we realize New York was right.

3) Bill Parcells was constantly hostile to Jason Taylor. Parcells didn't like "progress stoppers", older players taking the place of younger, inexperienced players who needed playing time to improve their game. Taylor has been on the field a great deal this year. It should be obvious to everyone that he is on his last football legs, sentimentality aside. It would have been preferable if the Dolphins had tried another outside linebacker in his place during this wasted season. Now we realize Parcells (in this rare instance) was right.

4) Virtually all NFL football coaches have either coached in the NFL previously, been successful offensive or defensive coordinators, and/or coached successfully in the collegiate ranks. Few, if any, come directly from the ranks of lower-level specialty coaches. Tony Sparano was an offensive line coach in Dallas who leapfrogged, via Parcells, into an NFL coaching position. His lack of coaching experience has been glaring during his entire Dolphins tenure. Now we realize why NFL owners and general managers avoid hiring persons with no higher-level coaching experience. They are right.

5) Ron Wolf, former general manager of the Green Bay Packers, believes every team without a top-tier QB should draft at least one QB every year until a franchise QB is found. He, and many others, feel it is impossible to build a winning football franchise without one. The Dolphins drafted Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino in 1983 in the first round and Chad Henne in the second round in 2008. Two QB's drafted in top rounds by the Dolphins in 28 years. Every other QB on the team has been acquired either by waiver wire, other teams' scrap heaps, or drafting in lower rounds. Except for some modest success with Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington, Dolphin QB play has been a disaster since Marino retired. Now we know why Wolf and others feel the way they do. They are right.

Nothing is a waste if we can be educated for the future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Teflon Tony

Will The Dolphins Win a Game This Year?

Will the Dolphins win a game this year? Seems like a ridiculous question, but the reality is they may not. Of their 10 remaining games, 9 of those teams are at or above .500. The lone team under .500 is the 2-4 Philadelphia Eagles who they play in Miami on December 11th. They also have the 3-3 Washington Redskins coming to Miami on November 13th. The way the Dolphins play at home, they might have had a better shot at winning these games if they were on the road.

Kansas City, who the Dolphins visit on November 6th started the year 0-3 and looked terrible doing it has turned things around and won the last three. Miami will head to 3-3 Dallas on Thanksgiving day and unless Leon Lett is lurking somewhere, I don't see a W there.

Those are the 4 games the Dolphins have remaining against teams at or below .500. When you think of how they played yesterday against the 1-4 Broncos, it really hard to imagine them beating anybody. Philly is a physical team and better than their 2-4 record, plus the game is in Miami, where the Dolphins seem to enjoy tormenting their fans.

I'm thinking that maybe that game at home against Washington. They will likely be 3-5 and on a 4 game slide when they roll into town. Right now their starting QB is former Dolphin John Beck. They have not been playing well as of late. Could that be the game the losing stops for at least a week?

Here is a far fetched possibility. Week 15 rolls around and the Patriots are 13-2 and have wrapped up home field throughout the playoffs. Would Bill Belichick go as far as to play 3rd team players in an attempt to keep the Dolphins from getting the 1st round pick that would likely bring them Andrew Luck? My buddy Mike O would say it's a conspiracy theory and no one would lose on purpose like that, but this is Belichick we're talking about. The guy would do just about anything to keep his competition down. That also leads to the question, could the Dolphins beat the Patriots 3rd string players?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sparano Stll Safe

According to several media outlets, Dolphins sources say that lame duck head coach Tony Sparano's job is safe for now.

Groundhog Day

There is no reason to belabor how terrible the Dolphins are. It is, by now, a well-established fact.

The main question this season is why no alternative plans have been instituted when failures have arisen. Throwing to Brandon Marshall in the end zone hasn't lead to touchdowns? So, run the ball. Unable to convert third downs? So, go for it on fourth down every once in a while. Marc Columbo unable to block anyone? So, try John Jerry at right tackle. On and on. This is Tony Sparano's greatest failure. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This may now apply to keeping Sparano as a head coach.

Pathetic Dolphins Blow It In Final Minutes

If you are a member of the Suck For Luck crowd, this was a good day for you. The Dolphins had this game all but wrapped up. Leading 15-0 it looked like the Dolphins were going to pull out their first win of the 2011 season. Less than 5 minutes remained in the game and Denver's offense had been fully ineffective all day. The Dolphins hounded and pounded Tim Tebow all day.

But then the real Dolphins showed up. In a span of 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Tebow threw a 5 yard TD pass and Denver recovered an onside kick after it was knocked out of Marlon Moore's arms. Then Tebow threw a 3 yard TD pass then ran in the 2 point conversion to tie it up. Then in overtime Matt Moore fumbled in Dolphin territory and Matt Prater kicked a 52 yard field goal for the win.

At this point 0-16 would not surprise me at all. This Denver team without a doubt was the worst team left on the schedule. Maybe the last shot will be when Washington comes to town.

The next big question is does Tony Sparano survive after this debacle? Stephen Ross was on the sideline during the game. Would it have been a surprise if he told Sparano right then and there, come see me in my office? I'm going to go out on a limb and say we will have an interim head coach tomorrow morning.

Fins wanted Carson Palmer

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this morning on ESPN Sunday Countdown that the Dolphins and specifically Stephen Ross made "several" phone calls in recent weeks to the Bengals asking about the availability of Carson Palmer. And before Cincy traded Palmer to the Raiders they made one last phone call to Miami.

Early News from Miami

Tyrone Culver will start at FS as Jones is inactive this week with an injury. And Philip Merling is also inactive for the 2nd week in a row. It is a non-injury related scratch/coaches decision.

Also there is a ton of late money being bet on the Broncos. The Fins have gone from a 3pt favorite to a 2 pt underdog. A swing that big is unheard of in the NFL in such a short time span late in the week.

The Unmentionable Subject

The current Dolphins regime was very fortunate in that they took over the team having the first pick in the NFL draft of 2008. Their selection to begin rebuilding the team was Jake Long, Michigan offensive tackle. There has been much debate whether this was an appropriate decision, as left tackles are rarely playmakers, but nobody could argue that Jake Long had been among the top three in the NFL at his position.

Things have changed since last season. Long injured his knee in a 2010 preseason game and hasn't been the same since. Playing Long in a meaningless game may have been Sparano's greatest error as Dolphin coach. Long had a decent but subpar season in 2010-2011. He then underwent knee surgery during the offseason, although the exact nature of the procedure hasn't been fully disclosed. This year, Long has regressed into a journeyman left tackle at best. Nobody is revealing whether Long is still recuperating from his surgery or if this will be a permanent situation. Long, in a sense, was the Dolphins' franchise player. He is also one of the highest paid offensive linemen in the NFL. If Long is slipping, the Dolphins will have to make some very difficult decisions in the upcoming 2012 NFL draft and continue to address their porous offensive line.

Denver-Miami Prediction

Trying to predict Dolphins games is damn near impossible these days. They play hard sometimes, they flat out quit other times. You never know what team you will get quarter to quarter. I do know this though, Matt Moore can't play a lick and Tebow will be out there like its the Super Bowl giving it all he has. And to me that is probably the biggest difference in the entire game.

On offense the edge probably goes to Denver as they have more talent. On defense the edge probably goes to Miami. Since week 1 the Fins defense hasn't played horrible, just look at the numbers if you don't believe me. Huge coaching edge to Denver and at quarterback I would probably give Tebow the slight edge actually as the few times he was on the field last year and the one time this year he was decent. Although this match-up isn't exactly Brady v. Manning. This might be some ugly football today but I say Denver 19  Miami 17

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If You Are Keeping Up With Luck

If you happen to be keeping up with Andrew Luck's progress this season, he faced supposedly his biggest test of the season tonight, facing off against the #22 Washington Huskies. Luck was 16 of 21 for 168 yards, 2 TD's and 0 INT's before being pulled in the 4th quarter with Stanford ahead 55-21. Of course when your running game gets you almost 400 yards, you really don't need to pass that often.

Lessons from Tebow

It is well known how much the Dolphins miss Dan Marino. Not only his incredible physical skills. His demeanor. His game management ability. His on-field leadership. Since he left, the Dolphins have searched high-and-low for his replacement without success. Chad Henne was drafted in the second round mainly for his physical ability, which has turned out to be deficient. On Sunday, we will get a look at the other side of the QB coin.

Tim Tebow had a stellar college QB career but questions about his ability to achieve success in the pros have always lingered. Poor throwing mechanics. Questionable arm strength. A tendency to run first. Tebow will be getting a chance to showcase his ability on Sunday against the Dolphins. Tebow seems to have many of the non-physical traits that Dolphin QB's have sorely lacked over the past decade since Marino retired (demeanor, game-management ability, on-field leadership). His deficiencies may not compensate for his strengths but sometimes intangibles do outweigh physical talent. I have a suspicion that Tebow is going to teach the Dolphins a lesson on what to look for in a future QB. Arm strength (a la Henne) isn't everything.

Even his Action Figure can't catch a pass

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prediction Time

This Sunday presents the Dolphins with a good chance for their first win of 2011 despite the fact they will be honoring the opposing quarterback. The equally inept 1-4 Denver Broncos roll into town on a three game losing streak. On the surface it appears Denver has tossed in the towel. Not only are they starting Tim Tebow in place of Kyle Orton, they traded away their best receiver Brandon Lloyd.

On defense, the Broncos statistically are not much better than Miami, giving up 5 yards per game less than Miami, but actually giving up more points over 5 games than the Dolphins. I also think all the talk of the Dolphins tanking the season in order to obtain a high draft pick is going to fire them up.

So here it is, Miami 24 Denver 20. Here is another prediction...Brandon Marshall will actually hold onto a ball thrown to him in the endzone!

Carl Peterson / Bill Cowher

Today posted a interesting story about the relationship with Dolphin's owner Steve Ross and former KC Chiefs GM Carl Peterson, and Carl's connection with Bill Cowher.

Now, I know Peterson didn't have the best success in KC, but he wasn't terrible. And considering Cowher, in this situation, would have a lot of the control, he would be a good mind to have in the facilities.

Cowher had a strong, long string of successful seasons in Pittsburgh.....but what did it eventually take to get him a Superbowl ring?

A Quarterback.

Give Cowher Andrew Luck and he can do great things for this organization. Maybe even get it back to prominence.

Jim Mandich to enter Dolphins Honor Roll

On Dec 4th Jim Mandich will be the 22nd person inducted into the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll. Mandich had over 40 years of service to the Dolphins franchise as a player and broadcaster. Jim's wife Bonnie and sons, Mark, Nick, and Michael will be on hand for the ceremony at halftime.

A sign Chad Henne's days in Miami are over

Dolphin Players Angry Over Suck For Luck

A few Dolphin players have expressed their anger over the Suck For Luck movement. Karlos Dansby had this to say; “Yeah, it pisses me off. The people saying that, who are promoting it, they’re really not Dolphin fans. That’s how I look at it. We’re not going to lay down and try to suck for Luck, man. Be real.”

Hey Karlos, I and many of these fans have been Dolphin fans and a paying fans since long before you were born. People that come to games are paying customers. It's our right to voice our outrage over this terrible product that is put on the field. Maybe if you could cover a tight end once in a while things would be different. By the way, those people sitting in the stands booing you are also helping to pay your huge salary.

Cameron Wake, Yeremiah Bell and soon to be former head coach Tony Sparano also spoke out against the movement. Just as it's their right to voice their opinions, it's also our right to do the same. If you don't like it, don't read it...or play better and earn your salary.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Andrew Luck turning pro after the season; Won't return to Stanford

Ivan Maisel the lead college football reporter for ESPN and who is also a Stanford Alumnus and well connected with the football people at Stanford said today on his daily podcast at the (14 min mark in the link below) that Luck has said he is coming out after this year and going to the NFL. Listen at the link below for the complete story.

Sparano's last game is possibly this Sunday

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting a loss on Sunday and Tony Sparano may be OUT as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Sources close to Ross are giving this information to Jackson. A win and Sparano might buy himself some more time. It is now a week-to-week evaluation for Tony according to the report.

No guarantees

What are the chances that the Dolphins go 0-16? Not very high. It has only happened once in NFL history. The Dolphins went 1-15 in 2007 with a far worse team than the current one. I assume that, by the time they go 0-8, the coach will be fired and the team will receive a temporary "bounce" from a new regime. Is it worth tanking the season to get a specific player in the draft?

Winning is a habit as much as anything else. One looks at the Patriots and assumes they have a great chance to win, no matter whom they're playing. They know how to win. The Packers make winning look effortless. The Dolphins need to get into that winning habit now. It starts with the next game.

Andrew Luck? Not sure if he will turn pro next year. Not sure if he wants to play for the Dolphins (remember Eli Manning turned down warm San Diego for cold New York). Not sure if he will be a success in the pros. Not sure if other QBs in the 2012 draft might not turn out to be better. Looking good in college and on paper doesn't always translate into professional success. There are many examples of "can't miss" players who flopped in the pros. Even more examples of "can't succeed" players who became all-time greats.

Football is a team game in the truest sense of the word. Players must do their individual jobs well for any team to even think of success. A cohesive unit is required. Andrew Luck, in the most optimistic sense, can solve a great many problems but cannot instill the winning habit all by himself. He will need help, and lots of it. Tanking a season does nothing to enhance the winning habit.

That said, the Dolphins need to take a QB in the first round. But it doesn't have to be Luck.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Does Ross Want To Suck For Luck?

Ok, first of all I have way too much time on my hands today. I got hurt at work yesterday and have nothing better to do than sit around in front of my computer writing silly crap. So I apologize to anyone (except Mike) that is offended by any of my gibberish today. With that being said.....Does Dolphin's owner Stephen Ross want the Dolphins to lose? Is Ross on the Suck For Luck bandwagon?

Recently, a Dolphin's source told the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero that "Ross wants a franchise quarterback at the helm in 2012. He is committed to veer away from any attempt that would add a caretaker quarterback as a potential starter. He is also said to be tired of watching the Dolphins field backups disguised as starters."

He also states that "Ross is so focused on getting his team a franchise quarterback that he has told friends, much as losses pain him in the short-term, he's aware they offer long-term gain because they put Miami in better position to pick Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the next draft".

If that is true, great. But, Ross should really keep his thoughts and ideas on this touchy subject to himself. Not everyone is on the Suck For Luck bandwagon, and I'm sure you wouldn't find ONE player who is. OK, maybe Brandon Marshall. Then he could blame all of his drops on a rookie.

Thoughts like that could backfire on Ross. What free agent would want to play for a guy who wanted to lose? How many fans would be pissed off if they knew Ross wanted to lose? And it surely wouldn't help his coaching search when the inevitable comes and Tony Sparano (and possibly Jeff Ireland) gets the boot. There would be backlash!

So Stephen, if you are on the Suck For Luck bandwagon, welcome aboard. In fact you can have a 1st class front row seat, but PLEASE keep your thoughts on this matter to yourself! Let the dummies like me rant about it!

Carson Palmer Coming To Miami

As a member of the Oakland Raiders on December 4th! That's right boys and girls. Mike Brown hoodwinked Oakland out of two first round picks for Palmer. (The 2013 1st pick is conditional). Is Al Davis running the team from the grave? Wow. That's an awful lot to give up for Palmer. Then again how many "washed up" QB's have gone to Oakland and been winners.

Big Game This Sunday!

For those of you (like me) who are firmly entrenched on the Suck For Luck bandwagon, this Sunday's game Vs Denver is BIG. Denver is currently wallowing in the cellar of the AFC West at 1-4 and might be playing worse than Miami. They have traded away their best receiver and are starting a guy at QB who is about as NFL ready as I am.

And wouldn't you know it. John Elway, who is the vice president of something for the Broncos is also a Stanford alumni. Don't think he isn't salivating over the prospect of drafting Andrew Luck. Starting Tim Tebow and then trading away Brandon Lloyd to the Rams, another winless team? Surely Lloyd will help the Rams and Sam Bradford get a few wins. One less team to worry about.

Now they are discussing a trade with Oakland for former franchise QB wannabe Kyle Orton. What I'm wondering is why they just don't ship him to Indianapolis for a 2014 6th round pick! That might help Indy pick up a few wins here and there. Then again, Indy is probably drooling over having Luck sit for a season or two behind Manning.

This Sunday, on Tim Tebow day at Joe Robbie...I mean Sun Life stadium, the outcome might come down to who wants Andrew Luck the most!

The sound of a Beaten Man

Are The 2011 Dolphins Worse Than The 2007 Dolphins?

On paper you wouldn't think so. The 2011 Dolphins have more talent than the 2007 Dolphins did. But the 2007 Dolphins had something the 2011 Dolphins don't...heart. The 2007 Dolphins were in just about every game and played hard every game. They never gave up. Remember the 3-0 loss at Pittsburgh?

Behind 7-6, but outplaying the almost equally terrible Jets for most of the first half, it looked like they just mailed it in. I didn't even have to watch the second half to see that. Same old same old. Brandon was going to be a beast last night but once again, he drops another TD pass. Once again we get field goals instead of touchdowns. Just pathetic.

So to those of you jumping on the Suck For Luck train this week, welcome aboard!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Dolphins DESERVE Luck

Some of you may come away after reading this blog thinking I am coming off as a cry-baby. Well, good for you. But I truly believe what I am about to type.......

The Miami Dolphins, one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. The perfect season, Dan Marino, Don Shula, The Killer B's, The Super Mark's brothers, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, some of the best defenses of all-time ETC ETC ETC

That's a very, LONG look back at the Miami Dolphins past. Let's take a shorter-term look at this franchise, and we are nothing more than a crap team, for a long time. Sprinkle in a lucky 11-5 season during a cup-cake schedule, a surprising offensive formation (the wildcat), and Tom Brady missing the entire season, if it wasn't for all of that, we'd be one of the more irrelevant teams of the last decade.

Watching our garbage franchise look like a bag of wet dog poop on national tv tonight, has me feeling sorry for myself. Thinking "Why do I root for this team?", or "Why do I continue putting myself through this?"

I was against the "suck for luckers" for the last 4 weeks.

"No Effing way we are THIS BAD, right?!...........RIGHT?!"

Wrong. We are THAT bad. We can't score in the redzone, no matter who is the quarterback, or offensive coordinator.

Our awesome defense? I don't know where it is. For a team that has A LOT of guy under the age of 30, we sure do look old and slow out there. That's on Ireland.

Regardless........when the Monday Night Football crew shows a stat of us having 16 different QBs since 2000 (the longest streak in the NFL), we deserve a change. That's a lot of years of heart-ache.

Some may say "We got the pleasure of seeing Dan Marino for a long time."

Sure we did, but that ended with "0" super bowls, one of the most, if not THE MOST, disapointing careers in SPORTS history.

That's like having a drop-dead gorgeous wife for 14 years, she gets naked in front of you, showing you every perfect curve, body part, and gorgeous shape to her body for you to take in, and imagine the possibilities, but every time she gets into bed........she falls asleep.

We deserve Andrew Luck.

We deserve to go through JUST ONE MORE BAD SEASON.....then and finally THEN....will we have the opportunity to draft someone as unique as Andrew Luck. This kid has it all, the NFL "Gurus" say he's the best prospect in decades. Hes smart, a Stanford graduate, he has so many offensive plays in his college play book, the center has to wear multiple wrist bands to hold them all. Luck makes all the reads, hes mobile, he extends plays, he does it ALL.

He is the roadblock for the hellacious trip through hell Miami Dolphin fans have been projectile vomiting while participating in for the last 12 years.

12 years. Andrew Luck wears #12. Next year will be 13 years since Marino retired. Lucky 13. Marino's number, and hopefully, finally, please god, be the last time we have to worry about the quarterback position.

Just keep praying dolfans.

We deserve it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stephen Ross has plans

Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

-Ross intends to hire a star.

If he hires a coach, his plan is to hire a proven name — someone such as Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, Jon Gruden or someone else who might be available. That coach will have final say over all football matters. He would pick his GM and have final say over everyone in football operations.
So obviously that coach would replace Sparano and have the choice of replacing Ireland.

-Ross doesn’t want the next hot offensive coordinator to run the Dolphins as his signature hire. He doesn’t want to give someone else’s assistant general manager the keys to the organization to pick players and hire a new coach.

“We can’t afford to take that gamble,” the source said. “The guy we hire to run this team won’t be learning on the job.”

-Ross wants a franchise quarterback at the helm in 2012. He is said to be committed to veer away from any attempt that would add a “caretaker” quarterback as a potential starter. He is said to be tired of watching the Dolphins field backups disguised as starters.

Philip Merling a "non-injury" scratch

Philip Merling will be inactive for tomorrow nights game vs the Jets. He isn't injured, this is a coaches decision. More on this story as it develops.

Dolphins-Jets Prediction

The Dolphins are on in primetime in front of the country and I am sure ESPN is thrilled with this match-up. Looking at this on paper the Dolphins have zero chance to win this game. I mean Matt Moore is horrible, Daniel Thomas might not play, the Dolphins secondary is god awful, and the Jets are returning home after a three game road trip where they went 0-3!

The Jets are gonna be out for blood and the Miami Dolphins well aren't any good. But, I have a funny feeling about this game. Not one bit of logic to back it up in any way, shape, or form. I just got a funny feeling. 

The Jets are a mess right now. Santonio Holmes is fighting with his o-line, the coaches/front office were so sick of Derrick Mason running his mouth they traded him away for literally nothing, Nick Mangold the only quality o-linemen they got might not play, the Jets can't run the ball at all..not a lick, and the Jets defense is as bad if not worse than Miami's right now. 

I would not be shocked if the Fins win this game Monday Night. In fact, I think the "SUCK FOR LUCK" journey gets derailed for one week. Dolphins 23  Jets 21

Luck Aware Of "Suck For Luck" Campaigns

In a recent interview with Judy Battista of the New York Times, Stanford QB Andrew Luck said he was aware of the Suck For Luck campaigns making the rounds in some NFL cities. “A couple of guys told me about it. I think it’s stupid. Simply put.” Luck told The New York Times.

Apparently some Seattle Seahawks fans were not too pleased when Chad Henne went down and the Dolphins signed Sage Rosenfels to be Matt Moore's back up. They accused Miami of mailing it in.

Fins Nation blogger Chris Joseph, who also endorses the Suck For Luck campaign says that John Elway, who is the executive vice president of football operations for the 1-4 Denver Broncos is actively scouting Luck. The Broncos recently promoted Tim Tebow to starter in favor of Kyle Orton. Could that be a move to give Miami a better shot to win their October 23rd showdown with Denver?

Right now, Miami's biggest competition for the number one pick seems to be Indianapolis, who is 0-5 and can't win without Payton Manning. St. Louis is also 0-5 but already have their franchise QB and a ton of money invested in Sam Bradford. For them the number one pick would probably bring a bounty of draft picks in a trade.

It's sad that it has come to this way of thinking, but when you look at today's NFL, you see that the top rated teams have the top rated quarterbacks. The defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers are highly favored again this year and have the NFL's top rated passer in Aaron Rogers. Tom Brady, Alex Smith and Drew Brees are the next four top rated passers and all are in or tied for 1st place in their divisions at 4-1.

Houston and Tennessee are tied for first in the south at 2-3 and here is a surprise, their starters Matt Schaub and Matt Hasselbeck are in the top 10. The Detroit Lions are 5-0 and have the 6th rated passer in Matthew Stafford. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 7th rated passer and has his surprising Buffalo Bills at 4-1 and tied with New England atop the AFC East.

The three teams in first who don't have a QB rated in the top 10, Washington, San Diego and Baltimore? Their defenses are in the top 6 of the league. 

When you think about it, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that so many want their team to Suck For Luck. In today's NFL you need an elite quarterback to be an elite team. You're not going to win a championship with the Chad Henne's of this world. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brandon Marshall seeking EJECTION Monday Night; ready for NFL Fine

The Dolphins might be a joke, but now they officially have the "clown" to prove it. Brandon Marshall in what might be the dumbest thing ever said by an NFL football player stated today that he is ready for the NFL's $50,000 fine and has set a goal of being ejected sometime in or before the 2nd quarter Monday Night vs the Jets. That he is prepared to start a fight or shoving match with Cromartie or Scott and bang the ball of his head. I'm not sure if he means his own head or a Jets player head, either way its stupid!

If this franchise any guts, pride, or dignity left they make Marshall inactive for Monday's game and don't let him on the plane to New York this weekend after these comments. This franchise is an utter disaster right now and the last thing they need is one of their own players setting goals to look like a fool on national television in primetime in front of the world.

What's going to be the excuse this time? Is it the BDP talking? That lame excuse we heard this summer after he lied to police and claimed to get stab wounds by falling on a TV or some other made up fairy-tale? He didn't mean he wanted to start a fight, it was the BDP talking? Oh wait, used that excuse before, can't wait to here what the next one is.

Bench Marshall. The Miami Dolphins have to save what little self-respect they have left!

Looking For Hope

I'm spent! This is what the Dolphins have brought me to, they have taken the joy out of the game. I can't remember the last time I had a good time watching a Dolphins game. It's been a long time I know that. I've had moments but nothing consistent, just like the Dolphins. I want to hope again, feel like my team is heading in the right direction. I don't want to go into every Sunday feeling like something is going to go wrong and we are going to loose again. I am desperate for any glimmer of hope, for that light at the end of the tunnel that never seems to come.

I wish we weren't to this point again, looking for a new coach and starting all over. I wish the team was winning but they are not and starting again as bad as that sounds is the only thing that will bring hope that we will matter again. The more I think about what's to come the more I wish the team goes out and looks for a coach in every corner and under every rock. The more I wonder what the future will be the more I hope the Dolphins don't follow the failed formula they have used over and over again since the retirement of Don Shula. The more I hope they find that next young hungry football coach that wants to make a name for himself.

The popular names are Gruden and Cowher, they are great names, great coaches with Super Bowl rings to show for it. The Dolphins would be lucky to have either, but I would implore Stephen Ross to do his due diligence, conduct a thorough search and interview process to make sure we are getting the right coach and not jus handing the keys of the franchise to another big name. It is Ross' responsibility to the fans to make sure he hires the right person to lead our team. I would remind Ross that a big name doesn't fill seats, winning does. I don't see a lot of fans packing the stadium because Fergie or Jennifer Lopez are in the stands, we are not there for them, we are there to see our team win. I hope Ross has the courage it will take to hire who he feels will get the job done regardless what the so called experts will say. I hope this will be the start of better things to come. I hope in 2012 Dolphins fans start seeing that light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Fins interested in trading for Orton....again

Adam Rank of is reporting there are rumblings going around the Dolphins are interesting in trading for quarterback Kyle Orton before the trade deadline next week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Few Thoughts

Not that the guy was a superstar or a great player, but the defense always seemed to play better when Channing Crowder played. Just saying....

Yes, I am firmly on the Suck For Luck train, but I don't think I could ever hope the Jets beat the Dolphins. That would be painful.

The Dolphins next home game is a joke. They will not only be honoring the opposing teams quarterback, they will be honoring one of the Miami Hurricanes most hated rivals on their own home field. What ever it takes to sell a few tickets I guess. Hey Ross, want to sell tickets? Get a top coach and do what it takes to get Andrew Luck. That will fill the stadium next year.

How bad are things when your MVP is your punter?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Offensive woes

Since Gary Stevens in the mid-1990's, virtually every Dolphin offensive coordinator has been under heavy criticism for being "too unoriginal", "too predictable", "too conservative", and "too boring". Yet, the best teams have always had a very predictable offense, one that dares opponents to stop it. The current best example is the Patriots. A great quarterback, two talented tight ends, a top slot receiver, a wide receiver who has great chemistry with the quarterback, and another wide receiver who is often utilized as a decoy. Same plays every game. Same utilization of players. Still, they are unstoppable. They're never accused of being boring. Why? Few other teams can do anything about it. The Patriots usually score more than thirty points per game. The key is talent plus a system that works. Like an assembly line. The Dolphins have little talent on offense and have not installed a system to maximize whatever skills their players may possess. Brian Daboll, the current Dolphin offensive coordinator, started this season with lots of new ideas. Opponents seem to have quickly caught on to his plans and devised ways around them. Now Daboll is stuck in a corner with nowhere to go. Years of poor talent evaluations on offense have led to this disastrous Dolphin situation. I hope the next coach is offensive-minded and can obtain players who can override any defense.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carl Peterson to be team President; Gruden to be offered head coach job

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post is reporting the Miami Dolphins at some point this season or after the season will announce Carl Peterson as Team President (taking the role Bill Parcells once had) and they will offer the job of Head Coach to Jon Gruden if he wants it. Gruden is unsure if he wants to leave broadcasting at this point in time. Sources close to the situation though believe Ross will make Gruden a sweetheart deal that will be very tough to turn down.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dolphins lean LEFT

A new study out from The Center for Responsive Politics ranked NFL teams by volume of campaign money given by owners, players, executives, and their spouses. The study showed that the political donations from NFL  teams lean right and to the Republican party. Of the 5 most generous NFL franchises 4 leaned right and gave more to Republicans than Democrats. The 5th most generous franchise though (our Miami Dolphins) when it came to political contributions leaned left at 52% in favor of the Democrats.

Overall people affiliated with the NFL teams gave on average 67% to Republicans and 29% to Democrats in the years President Obama has held office. Out of all 32 NFL teams the Dolphins give the most to Democrats by a wide margin of near $40,000 more than the next closest franchise.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Proof That The Dolphins Are Thinking About The Future

Don't think Miami has given up on this season? Well, if Matt Moore goes down with an injury, our starting quarterback will be...drum roll please...Sage Rosenfels! With former Jaguar QB David Garrard and even Jake Delhomme available, the Dolphins decided their best bet in case Matt Moore goes down is to bring in former Dolphin Sage Rosenfels.

And when you think about it, with this porous offensive line, the chances are pretty decent Moore is going to take some shots.

Here is something else to think about. If a team thinks it has a shot at the playoffs, maybe even a shot at a winning season, they would do what ever it takes to keep winning. If your QB goes down, you find the best guy available to either compete for the starting job or in Rosefels case, back up the new starter. If you know your season is done and you have an eye on the future, you just get a cheap guy to fill the spot, as in Rosenfel's case. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Next Dolphin Coach

I was hoping to avoid this subject now.....after all only one quarter of the season has been completed. Whether one thinks Tony Sparano is a good coach or not, it should be agreed that Sparano was treated miserably by the humiliation of having his boss publicly recruit Jim Harbaugh to take his place. It is also possible that the current season could be salvaged by a couple of wins. However, the mention of Jon Gruden on this blog prompts me to prematurely address the issue.

I don't want Gruden. I don't want Bill Cowher. I don't want Jeff Fisher. I don't want Brian Billick. We've been down this same road a number of times in the post-Shula era and it has always resulted in failure. Remember that no Super Bowl-winning football coach has ever won a Super Bowl with a different team. These ex-coaches, with the exception of Fisher, have won Super Bowls and achieved success in the media. Two of our previous Miami football "messiahs", Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells, were in very similar situations. Both Johnson and Parcells were unsuccessful in leading the Dolphins to the promised land. It could be argued that Parcells ruined the franchise altogether. Nick Saban, our other messiah, accepted the Miami Dolphins head coaching position but didn't have his heart in the pros and ultimately failed. Why anyone would consider giving full power to an overpaid, satisfied, set-in-his-ways ex-coach is beyond me. The argument that "they've had success" is a bogus one. Cowher's Steelers spent more than a decade struggling until they finally won the big one. Billick's Ravens, as talented as they are, have only won one Super Bowl.

The best idea is to search for a "hungry" assistant coach or a successful college coach, one who is relatively young with fresh ideas for the 21st century NFL. The winningest NFL coach of all time, Don Shula, was hired as a young, highly-respected ex-coach who was trying to achieve the ultimate success (and ultimately did on two occasions). Shula would be a good model for the next Dolphin coach. It is too early to discuss specific candidates because we don't know who, if anyone, will be available and would want the job. Rob Ryan's name appears quite frequently, although I suspect that is because fans and media would enjoy a "Rex-Rob" style Jets-Dolphins rivalry.

Stephen Ross may prefer a glamorous coach to reignite the fan base. I prefer one who will build a foundation for many future years of success.

Chad Henne OUT for the season; Sage Rosenfels signed

Chad Henne will require surgery on his left shoulder and will miss the remainder of the 2011 season according to Jeff Darlington of

The Dolphins have signed Veteran quarterback Sage Rosenfels to add to the roster.

Gruden leads the short list

Jason La Canfora on the NFL Network stated that Jon Gruden is the first choice of owner Stephen Ross to be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. La Canfora said expect Tony Sparano to be fired later in the season and not make it through the year. La Canfora stated that Dolphins management knows that the fans are upset and not interested and Ross will try to wake them up with an exciting hire as soon as the season ends.

CLICK HERE to watch another report by La Canfora from the NFL Network where Gruden to Miami comes up

Jared Odrick-Sid Rosenberg go at it on the Radio

In what might be one of the most uncomfortable interviews in a long time Jared Odrick went at it with Sid Rosenberg on WQAM yesterday. Jared who has a weekly paid guest spot on Sid's show kept going on and on about all the talent on the Dolphins roster before Sid finally had enough and told Jared this team has lost 7 in a row going back to last year, what talent do you speak of? And things went in a downward spiral from there.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview in its entirety. And be sure to listen to all of it and the very end.

Bill Parcells Article

Read an interesting article this morning about Bill Parcells written by Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports: 

Parcells Behind Two Miserable Franchises

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Start Anew

We can all agree that the 2011-2012 Miami Dolphin season is over. There will be no postseason for the team. The goal of "suck for Luck" is questionable because that plan rarely ever works as designed. It is also unknown to what extent the team will be "blown up" after the season ends.

I prefer a more optimistic approach. We need to find the few diamonds in this mess and hold onto them for the future. There are definite pieces worth saving. Who are they? Some examples follow:

1) Brian Hartline. A clutch receiver. Reliable. Excellent route-runner. Good hands. Good speed. Slippery. Hartline has been overlooked because he is not a "beast" in the figurative sense. But players like him are often the ones a team turns towards when a play is needed.

2) Mike Pouncey. Continually improving. Holding his own against other teams' nose tackles. Four games into his rookie season, Pouncey is a "keeper". Could be the foundation of a revamped offensive line, especially if a hobbled Jake Long cannot recover.

3) Brandon Fields. Proven to be one of the best, most reliable punters in the NFL. This year has been averaging over 50 yards per punt. One shudders to think what the scores of games would have been if Fields wasn't continually putting Dolphin opponents in poor initial field position.

4) Daniel Thomas. After a very slow start, Thomas has come on in a significant way and now looks like a rookie with a bright future. Unfortunately, he is handcuffed by a poor offensive line and a poorly balanced offense. However, he should be retained in any future house-cleaning.

5) Jared Odrick. After missing his rookie season with a fractured leg, Odrick has proven to be a very capable defender. Opponents have had a difficult time containing him. Similar to Daniel Thomas, Odrick has been hurt by playing with a very poor defense where few have been performing well. One of the very few bright spots on the defense this season.

6) Jimmy Wilson. It is early in the process for him. Wilson certainly needs seasoning, which will only be obtained by having an opportunity to play. He appeared to be a "natural" during preseason and has shown brief flashes so far this season. The secondary needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. The Dolphins could do worse than start with Jimmy Wilson.

7) Davone Bess. Many of the same attributes as Brian Hartline minus speed. His ability to make first downs is sorely needed on a team that starves for points. Bess' performance over the past few years should earn him a spot on any future Dolphin roster.

This season is not wasted. The Dolphins have an opportunity to "take inventory" and see what they have. I hope that the remainder of the season is utilized well and back-ups get a chance to play. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Often, a team has to hit rock bottom before making an ascendancy.

Is Suck For Luck The Way To Go?

I was reading Armando Salguero's Blog today and he questions whether the Dolphins have given up on this season already and are truly in Suck For Luck mode. Apparently they have been negotiating with David Garrard and do not want to give into his demands for a guaranteed contract. He also notes Indianapolis serious QB problems and the fact that they have not pursued Garrard either. With Payton Manning's career winding down, they are also going to be in the market for a QB. Out of all the available QB's, Garrard is the best and will give these teams the best chance to win. That's were the questioning comes from. Are these teams doing ALL they can to win?

Before I give you my opinion, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Miami, not to far from the Orange Bowl. I went to many games when I was younger, as many as I could. My dad took me to my first game in 1970. Yes, 1970. I grew up in a family of Dolphin fans. So I am not someone who jumped on the bandwagon when Dan Marino came to town. I've been spoiled over the years having Bob Griese and Dan Marino to cheer for. I was spoiled by having one of the greatest coaches in the history of this game for 26 years.

So, with that being said...
Armando Salguero is one of the opinion that the Dolphins should do all they can to win games. They should sign Garrard because he would give Miami the best chance to win. He even seems to accuse Miami of not doing what it takes to win. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and here is mine...

This is a quarterback driven league now. You DO NOT win without an elite QB these days. The last team to win a Super Bowl without a so called elite QB was Baltimore back in 2000. And they won because they pretty much had a super human defense. Miami fan's have had to deal with the likes of Jay Fiedler, A.J. Feeley, Gus Ferrotte, John Beck, Cleo Lemon, a beat up and worn out Trent Green, Joey Harrington, Dante Culpepper and now Chad Henne. The only exception was Chad Pennington who dropped into our laps in 2008 and managed to stay healthy.

If EVER there was a year for Miami to have the number one pick it would be this year. Andrew Luck is being called the best prospect since Payton Manning. I have watched him play and I am impressed. He looks like he's ready to go now. If the Dolphins are indeed not attempting to improve in hopes of obtaining the number one pick, I say bravo. Don't sign Garrard. Just let the season play itself out. Sparano has pretty much lost the team. Keep him on as long as possible, then find a young, hungry, energetic coach, not a recycled old school guy. Business wise, it would be a smart move too. The excitement of drafting Luck would bring paying customers back.

So whether you agree or not, I am firmly on the SUCK FOR LUCK bandwagon!

Dolphins sign offensive linemen

The Dolphins signed offensive linemen Will Barker off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Practice Squad. For those keeping score at home yes Barker did spend time with Dallas and is another ex-Cowboy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Henne May Be Done For The Year

Dolphins QB Chad Henne has a separated shoulder and now the Sun-Sentinel's Dave Hyde is reporting that Henne May Be Done For The Year. If this is true, the Dolphins will definitely be in the market for a QB with Matt Moore the only other QB on the roster and practice squad QB Pat Devlin probably nowhere near ready to lead an NFL team. Former Jacksonville QB David Garrard is probably the best of what is available right now.

Whether your pro or anti Henne, regardless of how you feel about him, you have to feel bad for him. I hate to see anyone get injured like this.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kevin Burnett goes after reporter; Suspension or Fine possible

It was an ugly situation after the game yesterday in the Dolphins locker-room as Kevin Burnett went after a reporter and had to be held back. Burnett yelled, "I don't know how you want to talk to me, homeboy," Burnett said to the reporter. “If you’ve got something to say, come at me like a man, homeboy. Don’t hide behind no computer.”

A Dolphins official tried to break up the confrontation, but Burnett wasn’t done.
“Hey, if you want to see if I can tackle, you put on some pads, homeboy,” Burnett said. “Don’t get mad. Why you’re going to criticize the team in your own hometown, boy? You’re supposed to support the home team.”
Obviously the last thing the NFL wants is to put the press who covers their product in harms way. I would not be surprised in the least bit if the NFL fined or even suspended Burnett for this outburst. Players cannot physically be going after reporters and screaming at them. It will be interesting to see what action the NFL takes against Burnett. More on this story as it develops

UPDATE:: The reporter Kevin Burnett went after was Omar Kelly

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sparano Apparently Not Going Anywhere Just Yet

Mike Oct. 17.

The Time for Ross to make Tough Decisions is Now!

It's a sad state of affairs when as a Dolphins fan you are banking on Carl Peterson to be the "voice of reason" in the ear of Stephen Ross. That is the situation we are in though as Fin Fans on October 2nd, 2011. Ross has no clue what it takes to be an NFL owner and he proved that in January with the Harbaugh debacle. And the people he has put in power are fools.

Mike Dee and Jorge Perez had their shots. Ireland had his shot with the talent. Dawn Aponte can sit at her desk all day and sharpen pencils and Brian Gaine can fill up the copy machine with paper every hour. These people have all failed and none should continue to make any decisions. As Dolphins fans we need Carl Peterson to be running the show behind the scenes right now and calling all the shots.

Carl Peterson is a lifelong friend of Ross and in the owners box for every Dolphins game now. Also he is someone at his age in life doesn't want a big hands on job. So, he can shoot straight from the hip with nothing to fear with his buddy Ross. Don't be mistaken, Peterson would love a role like Bill Parcells had, absolutely! And in that role I have no problem with Peterson. But fact is as Dolphins fans right now we need Carl Peterson to grab the wheel of this ship and tell Ross what to do.

For all of the negatives Peterson brings to the table, and there are many of them, he is the one guy who can tell Ross honestly when is the best time to Fire Sparano. Whether it be tonight, in the morning, after Thanksgiving, or after the season. He can tell Ross honestly if Ireland is worth holding onto. And he can tell Ross what candidates are worth chasing when it comes to our next head coach. Peterson can also tell Ross the painful truth, that take the short-term pain of half empty stadium this year and losing can be a good thing if it brings you the next superstar in this league named ANDREW LUCK!

The only thing preventing Andrew Luck to be house shopping in Miami right now is Peyton Manning's neck. The Dolphins are by far the worst team in the NFL after 4 games with only Indy by their side. After the 1-15 disaster a few years back I didn't think we would be right back in this same situation so soon. But here we are. And we as fans are begging and hoping for Carl Peterson to save us. I don't know what Rock Bottom is. But at 0-4 and hoping for Carl Peterson I am guessing this is it!

Go Stanford!

Dolphins Drop To 0-4

If you are on the Suck For Luck bandwagon, it was a good day for you. If you want current head coach Tony Sparano's days in Miami to end, it might have been a good day for you too. For most of this game, the Dolphins looked lifeless as they drop to 0-4 after a 26-16 loss to San Diego.

With Chad Henne injured, Matt Moore got his shot and didn't fare much better. The Dolphins got in the endzone once, and barely made it at that. The rest of the game was spent playing for fieldgoals. The defense couldn't stop the run, couldn't stop the pass and Brandon Marshall showed of his penchant for dropping big passes once again.

So, as we head into the bye week, I have to wonder have we seen the last of Tony Sparano? If the Dolphins want to can him, now is the time.


On the Dolphins second drive of the game, QB Chad Henne hurt his left shoulder on a busted play when he missed a hand off to Lex Hilliard. Matt Moore entered the game and led the Dolphins to a touchdown.

Dolphins vs Chargers Game Prediction

by about 7pm eastern time Tony might have a lot more time on his hands to spend with his family
Today at 4pm the Dolphins play the Chargers in San Diego in what many expect to be Tony Sparno's final game as head coach of the Fins. Win or lose, with the bye week next week it is expected Sparano will be let go tomorrow morning. With that back drop I think this is going to be a really long day and flight home for the team and Tony. I don't see the Fins having much of a shot vs a legit Top 5 offense in this league.

On offense the Dolphins have been miserable. Take away the 1st drive of the 1st game and the Fins offense has been poor. The most consistent offensive player for Miami has been Daniel Thomas and he is still in Miami and didn't make the cross country trip to the west coast for the game. Reggie Bush has been awful and will see almost all the work at running back. Chad Henne has gotten worse every week this season and I think that is a trend that will continue this week. The Dolphins offense is good for about 1 touchdown drive a game and I don't see that changing this week.

On defense the Fins have been brutal. Vontae Davis didn't make the trip and is in Miami. Going up against a Pro Bowl quarterback like Rivers and a pro bowl WR like Jackson might mean its a long day for the Dolphins defense. Cam Wake has done nothing this year and looks like a totally different player, not a good one either. Nolan Carroll will start once again, that isn't a good thing. Kevin Burnett returns home to play in front of his former fans in San Diego and many Dolphins fans probably wish he could stay there as he has been a huge free agent signing bust thus far. Even with Antonio Gates probably not playing this week, the Dolphins defense will have maybe its biggest test of the year.

The only thing Miami has going for it is Norv Turner is the Chargers coach and with Norv the opponent always has a "shot" to beat the Chargers. But that won't be enough. I believe this will be Tony's last game as the Dolphins coach and I think it will be the exclamation point to a bad 4 year run with him in charge. CHARGERS 34    DOLPHINS 7

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Suck For Luck? The Train Gets Derailed This Week

It's a phrase that is really gaining steam these days. It's being mentioned in newspapers and on the radio. It's become a favorite saying among Dolphin fans everywhere. Stanford QB Andrew Luck is going to be the crown jewel of the 2012 draft and many Dolphin fans are dreaming of him being a Miami Dolphin. But, it is going to take the number 1 pick in the draft to get him, so your team is going to have to SUCK to get him.

At 0-3, Miami is tied with Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Minnesota in the race for the number 1 pick. The only one of those teams Miami plays is Kansas City, in KC on November 6th. The combined record of the Dolphins remaining opponents (including 0-3 KC) is 24-15. When you look at the Dolphins schedule and think of how poorly they have played this season, it's not hard to imagine a 2-14 record, which would surely put them in the running for the number one pick!

But seriously people, if you are a long time, die hard Dolphin fan such as myself, can you honestly tell me you can sit there and cheer for them to lose? Maybe in your head, yes. I did it last week. Part of me was cheering on Colt McCoy to outplay Henne and keep the suck for Luck train going and part of me was furious that the defense let him drive 80 yards for a touchdown and even more furious at Henne for not being able to pick up a measly 15 yards for a shot at a game winning field goal.

Of course the players and coaches are not going to lay down and lose on purpose, I don't even think that needs to be said.

That brings me to my prediction for this week. As bad as the Dolphins have played, the Chargers haven't been much better, even at 2-1. They almost lost at home to 0-3 Kansas City last week and they barely beat Minnesota, another 0-3 team. They have injury problems including DE Luis Castillo, CB Quentin Jammer and TE Antonio Gates. With the Dolphins problems covering tight ends, Gates loss is huge for the Chargers. Phillip Rivers has had the interception bug this year throwing six in the first three games. The Dolphins have looked good at times this year and tend to play better on the road.

So, with that being said, I say the Suck For Luck train slows down this week and the Dolphins pull out win number one 24-20.