Another Dolphin Speaks Out On Suck For Luck

Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano is the lastest Dolphin to speak his mind on the Dolphins fans Suck For Luck campaign. In an interview with New York radio station WFAN, Fasano said, "It's sick, actually. I can't even fathom those thoughts of those people that conjure up that stuff," They have never played sports and pretty much aren't really our loyal fans. I can't really put any weight into that and I know the players don't listen to it. It's a shame, but people are going to talk and we just have to block that out."

I can understand this must be wearing on the players. They want to win. Sensible people know that they are not going to lose games, or tank games on purpose. Media (such as the Sentinel's Dave Hyde) have endorsed this and even Dan Marino insinuated it might not be a bad idea. They must feel like everyone is against them. But what they need to understand is that the majority of us ARE loyal fans. We are just tired of losing. We are tired of seeing New England and lately the Jets go to the playoffs year after year while the Dolphins wallow in mediocrity. Long time fans (such as myself) were spoiled by Dan Marino and Bob Griese before him. We are tired of mediocre play at the QB position. Hell, even Jay Fiedler doesn't look that bad now.

The Dolphins next 2 games are on the road then they come home for 4 out of the next 5. They will likely come home 0-8. My best advice would be to tone it out, not pay attention or laugh it off because it is only going to get worse. That loss to the Broncos really gave it a lot of momentum. The only way it's going to stop is to win. Then again, you might get booed for that too.


  1. Problem #1 with the Fins is too many players are worried about what the fans think and care about.

    What does Fasano care if there are people talking about a suck for luck thing that he knows isn't true and made up by the media.

    It amazes me that football players live up to the stereotype of being so fucking dumb!


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