Are The 2011 Dolphins Worse Than The 2007 Dolphins?

On paper you wouldn't think so. The 2011 Dolphins have more talent than the 2007 Dolphins did. But the 2007 Dolphins had something the 2011 Dolphins don't...heart. The 2007 Dolphins were in just about every game and played hard every game. They never gave up. Remember the 3-0 loss at Pittsburgh?

Behind 7-6, but outplaying the almost equally terrible Jets for most of the first half, it looked like they just mailed it in. I didn't even have to watch the second half to see that. Same old same old. Brandon was going to be a beast last night but once again, he drops another TD pass. Once again we get field goals instead of touchdowns. Just pathetic.

So to those of you jumping on the Suck For Luck train this week, welcome aboard!


  1. Yes they are worse!

    And the 2011 team doesn't have talent. That is a myth. Even our best player Jake Long is playing like garbage this year.


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