Carl Peterson / Bill Cowher

Today posted a interesting story about the relationship with Dolphin's owner Steve Ross and former KC Chiefs GM Carl Peterson, and Carl's connection with Bill Cowher.

Now, I know Peterson didn't have the best success in KC, but he wasn't terrible. And considering Cowher, in this situation, would have a lot of the control, he would be a good mind to have in the facilities.

Cowher had a strong, long string of successful seasons in Pittsburgh.....but what did it eventually take to get him a Superbowl ring?

A Quarterback.

Give Cowher Andrew Luck and he can do great things for this organization. Maybe even get it back to prominence.


  1. Peterson would be a Football Czar in Miami. NOT the GM like he was in KC. He would have the Parcells role in Miami which wouldn't be bad. Plus, Peterson got Montana to KC and knew the value of an elite QB and what it means to a team. KC was damn good for a decade, just had the wrong head coach who was a proven CHOKER


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