CBS Report: Fins Contact Bill Cowher's people

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is reporting that people in the Dolphins front office have reached out to people close to  Bill Cowher about their soon to be vacant head coaching position. Carl Peterson who is unofficially running the Dolphins these days has ties to Cowher from their time together in Kansas City. Cowher was a defensive coordinator in KC from 1989-1991. Cowher is still technically part of the  Steelers organization since he resigned and wasn't fired. And it would cost the Dolphins "compensation" of some form to Pittsburgh to acquire him. It is against NFL rules to trade draft picks for a coach, after the Gruden fiasco in Oakland the NFL put a stop to that. So any compensation would be financial in nature. And its tough to see the Rooney family playing hardball with their favorite son Cowher who did so much for that organization, most likely they would let him go to another team and not try and block anything. That's how a "class" organization is run.

Jason Cole of YAHOO Sports is reporting that Dan Marino who works with Cowher every week is telling Dolphins management that Cowher is gearing up for a return to the NFL.


  1. The local media is starting to rebuff this story, saying it isn't true.

  2. The local media loves to create a story, any story, that generates interest. I have a hard time believing this one.

  3. The Dolphins sent out a press release saying it isn't true. They also sent one out last year saying Ross didn't talk to Harbaugh. The DOLPHINS LIE!!!

    Where there is smoke there is fire. EVERY National Media outlet isn't wrong.

    The local Media didn't create this story, its a national story

  4. national media doesn't need to make stuff up about Miami. There is enough news between the NBA lockout, GOOD NFL teams, college football, World Series..etc. It really is silly to think that way.

    It's a legit story, nobody is making stuff up or blowing it up. Cowher is already talking to assistants and putting a staff together for when he returns to the NFL next year, Miami or elsewhere. Jason LaCanfora reported tonight that if/when Wisenhunt is fired in Arizona he will be Cowher's offensive coordinator with Tom Moore as the backup plan for that role.

    There is no sensationalism. This is hard news and facts. Reality! People on the record talking. This is a fast moving story that is very real


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