Denver-Miami Prediction

Trying to predict Dolphins games is damn near impossible these days. They play hard sometimes, they flat out quit other times. You never know what team you will get quarter to quarter. I do know this though, Matt Moore can't play a lick and Tebow will be out there like its the Super Bowl giving it all he has. And to me that is probably the biggest difference in the entire game.

On offense the edge probably goes to Denver as they have more talent. On defense the edge probably goes to Miami. Since week 1 the Fins defense hasn't played horrible, just look at the numbers if you don't believe me. Huge coaching edge to Denver and at quarterback I would probably give Tebow the slight edge actually as the few times he was on the field last year and the one time this year he was decent. Although this match-up isn't exactly Brady v. Manning. This might be some ugly football today but I say Denver 19  Miami 17


  1. If the players respect (or like) Sparano as much as they say they do, you might see them play their best today. They have to know if they lose it's the end of the line for him.


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