Dolphin Players Angry Over Suck For Luck

A few Dolphin players have expressed their anger over the Suck For Luck movement. Karlos Dansby had this to say; “Yeah, it pisses me off. The people saying that, who are promoting it, they’re really not Dolphin fans. That’s how I look at it. We’re not going to lay down and try to suck for Luck, man. Be real.”

Hey Karlos, I and many of these fans have been Dolphin fans and a paying fans since long before you were born. People that come to games are paying customers. It's our right to voice our outrage over this terrible product that is put on the field. Maybe if you could cover a tight end once in a while things would be different. By the way, those people sitting in the stands booing you are also helping to pay your huge salary.

Cameron Wake, Yeremiah Bell and soon to be former head coach Tony Sparano also spoke out against the movement. Just as it's their right to voice their opinions, it's also our right to do the same. If you don't like it, don't read it...or play better and earn your salary.


  1. This is so silly. First off its not a "movement". Second Miami isn't the only team with fans who are talking about this pipe dream.

    The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion at this point. Nobody is tanking games. Players aren't losing on purpose. Its so silly.

  2. First off, it's no sillier than that picture of 1/2 off Henne Jerseys. And a pipe dream? Really? Somebody is going to get the first round pick. Right now there are 2 0-5 and 1 0-6 team and Miami is one of them. Have you watched the Dolphins play lately? Nobody is suggesting they are or are going to tank games. They don't have to the way they are playing.

  3. No players are going to play BAD ON PURPOSE and lose games to hurt themselves financially down the road with contracts with other teams because of some college kid QB.

    Its downright stupid actually. SO to think there is a movement among owners/players to "suck for luck" is stupid

  4. Did I say the players are going to lose on purpose? I don't recall saying that. Maybe you can find the post where I, or anyone for that matter say the players are losing on purpose.
    And it is a kind of a movement...among fans. If the players don't like hearing it, tough shit. Play better, win some games.


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