The Dolphins DESERVE Luck

Some of you may come away after reading this blog thinking I am coming off as a cry-baby. Well, good for you. But I truly believe what I am about to type.......

The Miami Dolphins, one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. The perfect season, Dan Marino, Don Shula, The Killer B's, The Super Mark's brothers, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, some of the best defenses of all-time ETC ETC ETC

That's a very, LONG look back at the Miami Dolphins past. Let's take a shorter-term look at this franchise, and we are nothing more than a crap team, for a long time. Sprinkle in a lucky 11-5 season during a cup-cake schedule, a surprising offensive formation (the wildcat), and Tom Brady missing the entire season, if it wasn't for all of that, we'd be one of the more irrelevant teams of the last decade.

Watching our garbage franchise look like a bag of wet dog poop on national tv tonight, has me feeling sorry for myself. Thinking "Why do I root for this team?", or "Why do I continue putting myself through this?"

I was against the "suck for luckers" for the last 4 weeks.

"No Effing way we are THIS BAD, right?!...........RIGHT?!"

Wrong. We are THAT bad. We can't score in the redzone, no matter who is the quarterback, or offensive coordinator.

Our awesome defense? I don't know where it is. For a team that has A LOT of guy under the age of 30, we sure do look old and slow out there. That's on Ireland.

Regardless........when the Monday Night Football crew shows a stat of us having 16 different QBs since 2000 (the longest streak in the NFL), we deserve a change. That's a lot of years of heart-ache.

Some may say "We got the pleasure of seeing Dan Marino for a long time."

Sure we did, but that ended with "0" super bowls, one of the most, if not THE MOST, disapointing careers in SPORTS history.

That's like having a drop-dead gorgeous wife for 14 years, she gets naked in front of you, showing you every perfect curve, body part, and gorgeous shape to her body for you to take in, and imagine the possibilities, but every time she gets into bed........she falls asleep.

We deserve Andrew Luck.

We deserve to go through JUST ONE MORE BAD SEASON.....then and finally THEN....will we have the opportunity to draft someone as unique as Andrew Luck. This kid has it all, the NFL "Gurus" say he's the best prospect in decades. Hes smart, a Stanford graduate, he has so many offensive plays in his college play book, the center has to wear multiple wrist bands to hold them all. Luck makes all the reads, hes mobile, he extends plays, he does it ALL.

He is the roadblock for the hellacious trip through hell Miami Dolphin fans have been projectile vomiting while participating in for the last 12 years.

12 years. Andrew Luck wears #12. Next year will be 13 years since Marino retired. Lucky 13. Marino's number, and hopefully, finally, please god, be the last time we have to worry about the quarterback position.

Just keep praying dolfans.

We deserve it.


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