Dolphins-Jets Prediction

The Dolphins are on in primetime in front of the country and I am sure ESPN is thrilled with this match-up. Looking at this on paper the Dolphins have zero chance to win this game. I mean Matt Moore is horrible, Daniel Thomas might not play, the Dolphins secondary is god awful, and the Jets are returning home after a three game road trip where they went 0-3!

The Jets are gonna be out for blood and the Miami Dolphins well aren't any good. But, I have a funny feeling about this game. Not one bit of logic to back it up in any way, shape, or form. I just got a funny feeling. 

The Jets are a mess right now. Santonio Holmes is fighting with his o-line, the coaches/front office were so sick of Derrick Mason running his mouth they traded him away for literally nothing, Nick Mangold the only quality o-linemen they got might not play, the Jets can't run the ball at all..not a lick, and the Jets defense is as bad if not worse than Miami's right now. 

I would not be shocked if the Fins win this game Monday Night. In fact, I think the "SUCK FOR LUCK" journey gets derailed for one week. Dolphins 23  Jets 21


  1. Yeah, I got that same stupid funny feeling that they are gonna screw up and win this week.

  2. I have the same funny feeling that they are going to stay true to form and loose this week.


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