Fins-Giants Prediction

At least the whole day won't be ruined. Enjoy the picture
This will be short and sweet folks. The Dolphins are walking into a nightmare this Sunday afternoon. Vonate Davis is out and is being replaced by a rookie. Daniel Thomas is out and being replaced with a dinged up Reggie Bush and Steve Slaton. Matt Moore with banged up ribs is gonna try and go. But if he can't go much past the 1st quarter or so then JP Losman, yes JP Losman will take his place under center. This is bad Dolphins fans....really bad. The Fins have hung in there in pretty much every game this year fighting to the end. Hell they had 2 games (Cleveland and Denver) won as they had the lead for over 58 minutes in both. But this game has blowout written all over it.

The Giants had a game at home vs Seattle a few weeks back that they lost. A game no way they should have lost vs a horrible team. The Giants will not make the same mistake twice. And with that overpaid, overrated, hack Brandon Marshall running his mouth earlier this week any chance of the Giants making the same mistake twice went out the window. This one will be ugly.  Giants 45  Dolphins 6


  1. Ok, it's not going to be that bad.

    New York Giants 31 Miami 10

  2. might be worse. No Vonate. No Thoams. Moore MIGHT play at QB. It's gonna be really bad


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