Lessons from Tebow

It is well known how much the Dolphins miss Dan Marino. Not only his incredible physical skills. His demeanor. His game management ability. His on-field leadership. Since he left, the Dolphins have searched high-and-low for his replacement without success. Chad Henne was drafted in the second round mainly for his physical ability, which has turned out to be deficient. On Sunday, we will get a look at the other side of the QB coin.

Tim Tebow had a stellar college QB career but questions about his ability to achieve success in the pros have always lingered. Poor throwing mechanics. Questionable arm strength. A tendency to run first. Tebow will be getting a chance to showcase his ability on Sunday against the Dolphins. Tebow seems to have many of the non-physical traits that Dolphin QB's have sorely lacked over the past decade since Marino retired (demeanor, game-management ability, on-field leadership). His deficiencies may not compensate for his strengths but sometimes intangibles do outweigh physical talent. I have a suspicion that Tebow is going to teach the Dolphins a lesson on what to look for in a future QB. Arm strength (a la Henne) isn't everything.