Marshall attacks the Gameplan

The big Baby Brandon Marshall is at it again. Now he is attacking the Dolphins game-plan vs the Jets. Marshall leads the NFL in drops this season, has the most drops of any NFL player since 2007, and has dropped 5 touchdowns this year alone; but he is attacking the coaches and the game-plan saying the ball wasn't coming his way enough vs the Jets. “Of course I didn't like the game plan because the ball wasn’t coming to me enough,” Marshall said, per The Sporting News.

In the rest of Sporting News Article this is what Marshall had to say...

So here’s what he (Marshall) did: He plopped his playbook down while his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, was cooking. He opened to look at the first play and began spouting off what the team had been doing wrong on that play. And then on the next. And the one after that.

“Look, baby, the stats say this,” Marshall told his wife. “Statistically, they’re in Cover-1, and when they’re in Cover-1, this is the best route for me to run. I should be on this route, and this makes no sense.”

Eventually, Nogami-Marshall stopped him. “Are you just venting?” she asked. “Yes,” Marshall said, emphatically. “Lack of expression equals depression!”

 It's safe to say Marshall is bat-shit crazy and I don't think his stay in Miami will last much past this season. This is the early stages of Marshall forcing his way out of town and outbursts like this and interviews like this will probably become more common the rest of the year.


  1. That's why I think they should give Moore and Gates more playing time. Need to see what they can do. Seriously, Marshall can't catch so what's the difference?

  2. Fortunately, to an outsider, Marshall has the stats of a somewhat productive player. Maybe we can salvage a decent draft choice for him from a team that is desperate for any receiver.

  3. Yeah, I should revise my comment. He can catch the ball everywhere but the endzone lol. He is allergic to scoring. Hell, even Bess has had the dropsies this year. But like I said, a year like this is the perfect time to see what Gates and Moore are made of. I don't think that will happen until Sparano is gone though.


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