Mysteries solved

Strange occurrences continually arise in football. It often takes years to decipher the reasons for such happenings. Many of these instances are in the form of decisions. For example, the Houston Texans were excoriated for taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush with the first pick in the NFL draft. Now everyone realizes that was the correct choice. Here are a few mysteries that have been resolved during this miserable Dolphins season:

1) The Denver Broncos refused to pay Brandon Marshall like an elite receiver, causing him to become a "problem child". Guess what? Marshall isn't an elite receiver and is still a problem child. The Dolphins, desperate for a wide receiver, read his statistics (except his dropped passes) and trusted his football reputation. They gave him a huge contract and traded two valuable second-round draft choices to Denver to obtain him. Marshall's lack of production and possible negative effect on the team have been well-documented. Now we realize Denver was right.

2) After winning the Super Bowl with the NY Giants in 1990, Bill Parcells insisted on full control of the team. That included all personnel decisions. The Giants refused and Parcells resigned. Giant fans screamed about letting "the great" Parcells leave. Years later, Parcells took control of the Dolphins and helped to destroy the franchise. Now we realize New York was right.

3) Bill Parcells was constantly hostile to Jason Taylor. Parcells didn't like "progress stoppers", older players taking the place of younger, inexperienced players who needed playing time to improve their game. Taylor has been on the field a great deal this year. It should be obvious to everyone that he is on his last football legs, sentimentality aside. It would have been preferable if the Dolphins had tried another outside linebacker in his place during this wasted season. Now we realize Parcells (in this rare instance) was right.

4) Virtually all NFL football coaches have either coached in the NFL previously, been successful offensive or defensive coordinators, and/or coached successfully in the collegiate ranks. Few, if any, come directly from the ranks of lower-level specialty coaches. Tony Sparano was an offensive line coach in Dallas who leapfrogged, via Parcells, into an NFL coaching position. His lack of coaching experience has been glaring during his entire Dolphins tenure. Now we realize why NFL owners and general managers avoid hiring persons with no higher-level coaching experience. They are right.

5) Ron Wolf, former general manager of the Green Bay Packers, believes every team without a top-tier QB should draft at least one QB every year until a franchise QB is found. He, and many others, feel it is impossible to build a winning football franchise without one. The Dolphins drafted Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino in 1983 in the first round and Chad Henne in the second round in 2008. Two QB's drafted in top rounds by the Dolphins in 28 years. Every other QB on the team has been acquired either by waiver wire, other teams' scrap heaps, or drafting in lower rounds. Except for some modest success with Jay Fiedler and Chad Pennington, Dolphin QB play has been a disaster since Marino retired. Now we know why Wolf and others feel the way they do. They are right.

Nothing is a waste if we can be educated for the future.


  1. Very interesting...and very true.

  2. do not agree w/ one has played well enough to supplant Taylor....the project players failed, were cut, did not progess fast enough, or were injured...


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