Prediction Time

This Sunday presents the Dolphins with a good chance for their first win of 2011 despite the fact they will be honoring the opposing quarterback. The equally inept 1-4 Denver Broncos roll into town on a three game losing streak. On the surface it appears Denver has tossed in the towel. Not only are they starting Tim Tebow in place of Kyle Orton, they traded away their best receiver Brandon Lloyd.

On defense, the Broncos statistically are not much better than Miami, giving up 5 yards per game less than Miami, but actually giving up more points over 5 games than the Dolphins. I also think all the talk of the Dolphins tanking the season in order to obtain a high draft pick is going to fire them up.

So here it is, Miami 24 Denver 20. Here is another prediction...Brandon Marshall will actually hold onto a ball thrown to him in the endzone!