Ross already Annoying and Upsetting Bill Cowher

Stupid Is as Stupid Does
Stephen Ross who claimed he learned his lesson last January when he went chasing after a head coach when he already had a head coach under contract obviously learned nothing and is still clueless. Albert Breer of and the NFL Network is reporting Stephen Ross has reached out to Bill Cowher's agent about becoming the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins. One problem,  Cowher has given specific instructions to his agent not to talk to any owner or franchise about a coaching job if they still have a current head coach in place. Ross still hasn't learned that NFL head coaches are a tight group that look out for each other and you can't back-stab one without the rest turning on you. Ross made this mistake once and he clearly hasn't learned his lesson.

There are numerous reports that Bill Cowher is very interested in the Miami job.From reports on CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, and even sources close to Dan Marino are saying as such. Cowher is interested in the Miami job. What is not to love about this job right now, a great franchise with a rich history in a great state with no state income tax, and a  he will have a Top 2 or 3 draft pick at worst. Pretty much if Miami (ie Ross) does nothing, just sits on his hands and watches the birds for the next couple months,  Cowher might come begging to him in a few weeks. But leave it to Stephen Ross to possibly screw things up and annoy Cowher in the process. And if Ross is in such a rush to talk to Cowher, just fire Sparano and do it.

I always find it tough to call a billionaire stupid, because well he is a billionaire so he must have done something right in his life. But Ross might be flat dumb! Stone Cold Stupid. Not even 9 months ago Ross did this very same thing and took hell for it in the media and among other NFL owners and this fool is making the same mistake.

For the Love of God will someone tell Stephen Ross to do nothing. That he is about to backdoor his way into something great. Possibly the #1 overall pick in the draft, the next great NFL QB who will sell out his stadium for a decade and sell him a ton of merchandise, and probably get himself a top flight NFL head coach of his choice. All Ross has to do is stay quiet and do nothing for 8 weeks. 8 stinkin god damn lousy weeks! Not forever, just 8 weeks!! Someone handcuff him to his bed, because really he has a situation he can't even screw up. But maybe I am underestimating him because it looks like he is about to screw it up!


  1. Resurrect Joe Robbie! lol Yeah, I'm with you on this one. And that caption you put under his picture fits him to a tee.


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