Sparano Stll Safe

According to several media outlets, Dolphins sources say that lame duck head coach Tony Sparano's job is safe for now.


  1. YES, YES, YES!! 0-16 here we come baby!!

    This guy combined with Matt Moore is a walking lottery ticket for us.

  2. I would hardly put it on Moore. How many balls were dropped today? He did enough for them to have a 15 point lead in the 4th quarter. He still worries me because I think he gives the Dolphins a better chance to win than Henne.

  3. Oh please, Matt Moore is terrible. He did nothing today. Don't defend him Ken you lose credibility

  4. So you think it was Moore's fault they lost? I didn't see him out there on defense during those last 2 Denver drives or on the onside kick. He wasn't in for the 2 point conversion. When left the playing field for the last time late in the 4th quarter, the Dolphins led by 15 points. Regardless of what happened at any other time in the game, the Dolphins had a 15 point lead late in the 4th and the defense pissed it away. Yeah, he's terrible, but he's better than Henne.

  5. Moore was part of it, yes! Denver sucks, Moore led the offense to 15 stinkin points and it took till the 4th quarter before he put up a touchdown. He sucks!

    The defense pitched a shutout for 58 min and they offense couldn't give them more than a 2 possession game. Please.

  6. Yes, you are right Mike. This loss was totally on Moore. It was his fault Marshall and Bess dropped balls that killed drives. He should have caught those balls for them.
    He should have run out there in the last few minutes and played corner to stop the Denver comeback.
    He should have been out there on that onsides kick and fielded that ball instead of Marlon Moore.
    He should have been in there to stop that 2 point conversion too.
    Maybe if he wouldn't have wiffed on that block in OT, he wouldn't have fumbled.
    Yep, totally on Moore. They should bench him and start Sage Rosenfels.


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