Where's Waldo?

The Dolphins are one of the worst teams in the NFL, they've started 0-7 and have lost 10 straight games. Things have gotten so bad that their own fans root against them in hopes they win the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes. The reasons for this team's current predicament are many and have been talked about endlessly here on this site. The team lacks talent, has an outdated blueprint and the games most important position, QB, is still a question 12 years after Dan Marino's retirement. We hear every week from Tony Sparano as he struggles to find reasons for another loss and has to explain to reporters why he put his house up for sale. We have also heard from owner Stephen Ross, his disappointment and weight of what's ahead evident in his words. I see the strain on both men weekly and it begs the question, where's Waldo?

Waldo if you fans don't know is Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Where is he in all of this? Where is his explanation for this teams collapse? It seems unfair to me that the coach and the owner are constantly grilled and blamed for the current state of the team but the guy responsible for putting this team together hasn't said a word or had to answer a question. Ireland has apparently put himself in the witness protection program. This shows an incredible lack of character from Ireland, he's let other men take the heat while he cowers in a dark room. This shouldn't surprise us, Ireland has a history of having no backbone. He didn't stand up to owner Stephen Ross last year when his "Good Friends" job was on the line and Ross decided to go after Jim Harbaugh before he even fired his current coach, but Ireland was worried more about his own backside than doing the right thing, coward! He brings in Dez Bryant a 22 year old kid for a predraft meeting and from a position of power he asks him if his mom is a prostitute, knowing quite well that Bryant wouldn't do anything because he would cost himself millions, personaly the millions would have been worth it to slap Ireland out of his chair, coward! Now the team he built is going down in flames and once again Ireland shows his true color is yellow not aqua and orange.

Ireland you see is not a leader of men, he is not someone who inspires others to do better. He's a divider, a cancer that attacks healthy cells. Ireland is not the captain that valiently goes down with the ship to ensure everyone on it is safe, he's the captain that lets others drown to save his own life. You might say this is a harsh assessment of a man I have never met, but I say to you that actions speak louder than words. This team will have a new coach in 2012 but at least Sparano showed courage in the face of adversity and that's why he hasn't lost his team although they haven't won a game. Ross can't stop at just the coach, Ireland needs to also be shown the door because he's part of the problem not part of the solution.


  1. How about next time you get your own thoughts and no just regurgitate another person's writing. http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/10/why-jeff-ireland-must-answer-like-everyone-else.html


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