Bettis: Cowher NOT going to Miami

Jerome Bettis in an interview with said he doesn't see Bill Cowher being the next coach of the Miami Dolphins.

"I don't think a Miami job will entice him because there are so many issues, No. 1 being the quarterback position," Bettis said. "The one thing I do know is he's not going anywhere that doesn't have a solid quarterback already in place."

Now the great equalizer to everything is always money. The almighty dollar always outweighs everything and if Ross throws enough coin at Cowher there is no doubt in my mind Bill will be in Miami. Let's not also forget that a lot of legendary coaches have used Miami as a spot before retirement (JJ, Parcells). It's a nice city, great weather, no state income tax, a nice place to spend your later years.

The other point to remember is it's Jerome Bettis saying this. I highly doubt Bill Cowher is discussing in-depth plans of his future with Jerome Bettis. Remember Bettis was FIRED from NBC Sunday Night Football show a show that has about 4 hosts and 12 analysts. They hire anyone and everyone.  Bettis couldn't cut the mustard there where the bar is set really low,  but now we are supposed to take his insight seriously? I'm not buying it. Cowher might not end up in Miami, but not for the reasons Bettis is stating.