Blame Where It Belongs

There have been many fingers pointed at Dolphin offensive coordinator Brian Daboll lately.
Terrible touchdown percentage within the red zone. The worst third down conversion ratio in the NFL. Relatively few points scored per game. On and on. It is very easy to find scapegoats when a team is 0-7, although why Daboll is blamed more than defensive coordinator Mike Nolan remains a mystery. Perhaps that is because Nolan has more of a track record than Daboll. Another story for another time. The issue here is whether or not Daboll deserves condemnation.

The Dolphin offense has come out of the gate very strongly in virtually every game then wilted. Fourth quarter showings have been appalling. Seems that Dolphin opponents "spot" them the initial drive as a way to see what they've got, then make defensive adjustments for which the Dolphin offense has no answer. Opponents know that the Dolphin defense is terrible so it isn't as if they can't come back. The question at hand is who is responsible for the lack of ability for the Dolphin offense to compensate for opponents' defensive adjustments. I have a hard time believing that Daboll is so dedicated to his game plan that he wouldn't try something, ANYTHING, to get touchdowns on the board. The ultimate answer is simple: a total lack of effective personnel to get into the end zone. Dolphin quarterbacks (Chad Henne/Matt Moore) have been running for their respective lives this entire season because of a porous offensive line. One running back (Reggie Bush) is a glorified receiver, another (Daniel Thomas) has been injured for much of the year, and another (Lex Hilliard) is not trusted by the coaches. Their fullback (Charles Clay) is a raw rookie who needs molding. Their first-team tight end (Anthony Fasano) has been spending too much time helping fill gaps within their offensive line. Their "playmaker" wide receiver (Brandon Marshall) has been a big disappointment. Other wide receivers (Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates) have been ineffective with lots of dropped passes at key moments. There is nobody that can be counted upon to make a play when one is needed. Brian Daboll will never remind anyone of Mike Martz but, certainly, few if any other offensive coordinators would elicit better results with the current Dolphin roster. Recall that current Patriot legend, Bill Belichick, was a flop as head coach with the talentless Cleveland Browns in the 1990's. Some circumstances are impossible to overcome.

Fingers should mainly be pointed at Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and associated scouts for horrific personnel decisions. Some blame goes to Tony Sparano for some bad clock management, stubbornness (not benching Marc Columbo and trying other options), and excess conservatism.


  1. My two biggest beefs with Sparano are a) Playing Jake Long in that meaningless preseason finale last year. He hasn't been the same since. And b) Marc Colombo. Come on. You could peel a dead possum off the road and put it at right tackle and it would be just as effective.


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