Brian Daboll was an a-hole in Cleveland

Current Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll wasn't the most popular guy in Cleveland last year. Especially with most of the offensive personal and in particular with Colt McCoy. Michael Silver of broke the story that Daboll gave a year long rookie hazing to the young quarterback last season that at points went over the top of what a "professional" NFL coordinator/coach should do. It got to the point where other Cleveland Browns offensive players stepped in and told McCoy he didn't have to take this anymore.

Silver reports...In what became a running joke in the Browns’ locker room, Daboll disparaged McCoy loudly and relentlessly – sometimes to his face, sometimes through the earpiece in the quarterback’s helmet.
“There were times I had to pull my helmet off to call a play in the huddle,” McCoy recalled in an interview earlier this month. “Guys could hear him yelling, and they’d say, ‘Just take it off.’ People said to me, ‘Man, I ain’t never seen anything like that. Just hang in there.’”
And at times, it got much worse...Several Browns recalled a meeting early in the 2010 season in which Daboll told McCoy, “I just watched [tape of] your last college game, and you were terrible. What the hell were you throwing out there? That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Why the [expletive] did we draft you?”
And these are just two of many stories Silver reports in his YAHOO article. Sounds like Daboll isn't a good guy and its not surprising he has bounced around this league from team to team. And when Sparano and crew is fired within the next month or so this story will hurt Daboll's chances of landing his next gig. Although in reality Brian's playcalling this year in Miami will be the main reason it will be tough for Daboll to find work. He as well as the Dolphins offense this year has been brutal.