Do The Dolphins "Suck Enough" To Get Luck?

The Miami Dolphins are suffering through one of their worst seasons in recent memory. Yes, even worse than the 2007 team. We had expectations for this team, not so much the 2007 Phins. The Dolphins have started this season 0-7 and many fans have hopped on the Suck For Luck express. But do the Dolphins have a realistic shot at the top pick in the 2012 draft, even if they go 0-16? Maybe not.

As bad as the Dolphins have been, one team has a leg up on them, the Indianapolis Colts. Lately the Colts have been as inept as an NFL team could possibly be. They look like they are definitely headed to an 0-16 season. Don't think they'll bring back Payton Manning, even if he's healthy for a few meaningless games at the end of the year. Don't think that they are not looking at this lost season as an opportunity to draft Manning's replacement. What would be better than having Luck sit behind Manning for a season or two?

And even if the Dolphins and Colts both go 0-16, Indy would get the top pick based on the fact that they have an easier schedule than Miami.

The Dolphins on the other hand have not looked totally inept. They have been competitive in most games this season and should have won 2 or 3 of them. I really don't believe they will go 0-16. I don't think they are that bad. Who will they beat? Maybe Washington in a couple of weeks. Even at 1-15 though, the Dolphins will have a good shot at one of the other top QB prospects coming out after this year. I don't follow college football all that closely but Landry Jones seems to be the consensus no. 2 QB coming out. Suck For Jones? Doesn't have quite the ring to it that Suck For Luck does :)


  1. Actually i believe at the moment the Phins have edged out the colts on SOS, you do realize SOS changes on a weekly basis. If two of the teams Indy played go far in the playoffs or even the Superbowl there is an excellent chance we'd end up with a weaker SOS. And as for winning a game, the 2007 team had heart this team has nothing but a bunch of overpaid crybabies.

  2. You have to look at the schedule for the rest of the season. The colts have the 2-6 Jags twice, the 2-6 panthers, 4-3 tennessee. The Dolphins play 5-2 Buffalo twice, 5-2 New England. The worst Miami has left is 3-4 Philly, Dallas and Wash.


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