Dolphins Win First Of 2011

There are two ways to look at the Dolphins 31-3 win at Kansas City today. If you are firmly entrenched in Suck For Luck, this wasn't a good day for you. If you wanted a win, you got it in a big way. The Dolphins dominated Kansas City in just about every way. Matt Moore had his finest day as a Dolphin, and probably as a pro, throwing for 244 yards, 3 TD's and most importantly, no interceptions. In fact the Dolphins did not turn the ball over at all today.

Brandon Marshall and Anthony Fasano were on the receiving ends of Moore's 3 touchdowns. Surprisingly Marshall actually held onto the ball in the endzone today! He finished with 8 catches for 106 yards and Fasano had 2 catches, both touchdowns. Reggie Bush also had a big day with 92 yards on the ground and 50 yards receiving and a beauty of a run for a TD.

The defense played well, harassing Chiefs QB Matt Cassel all day and sacking him 5 times. Cassel spent most of the day running for his life.

Look, this doesn't change much. This was bound to happen. The Dolphins are not a very good team but they are not an 0-16 team either. They were bound to put a complete game together at some point. They will also have a very winnable game next week when the Washington Redskins visit Miami. Surely that won't bode well for the Suck For Luck crowd. One more win will probably take Miami out of the Luck sweepstakes.