Fins-Cowboys Prediction

Just Bring It!
I am actually positive about this weeks game believe it or not. I like Miami's chances tomorrow them a lot! Matt Moore this month has 2 of the 4 highest quarterback ratings in a single game in the entire NFL all year. That's not just a one week thing, that's every game this year, Moore has 2 of the highest 4 in the league people! The defense hasn't given up a touchdown in 12 quarters. I know the level of competition the past three weeks hasn't been top notch, but this is still the NFL.  The Fins coaches and players the other day said last week they prepared a little for Buffalo and had one eye on Dallas the entire time looking forward to this contest.

Look, lets be honest the Fins have 3 wins and aren't going to the playoffs. Playing on national television on Thanksgiving...this is the Dolphins Super Bowl.  I expect more of the same Thursday afternoon and for this team to come out guns blazing. The Dolphins will be up and ready for this game. This miracle run they are on will end soon, just not this week.

Dolphins 27  Cowboys 21


  1. You picked the Dolphins just because you like to contradict me, didn't you :D

  2. no. I honestly believe in them this week


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