Fins Win

In one of the more boring NFL games you would ever watch the Dolphins did just enough to beat a bad Redskins team today. While the Fins won, let's keep things in perspective people. The Dolphins played a horrible Washington team on both sides of the football. Washington is not very good and probably won't win another game this year. The Dolphins today did nothing to lose the game and just the bare minimum to win a game. Matt Moore wasn't great but wasn't awful. Reggie Bush ran for 47 yards while Daniel Thomas ran for 42. Neither was great but neither was awful. Brandon Marshall didn't have any big drops; the bar is set so low for him that is now a sign of a good day. On defense the Fins played a 2nd or 3rd tier NFL offense. Rex Grossman was terrible and the Skins have no running game to speak of.

But a few things come out of this game and the win.

1) Tony Sparano won't be fired in season. With 2 wins he is safe for the rest of the year.

2) Any and all Andrew Luck talk can be put to rest. The term "SUCK FOR LUCK" should never be uttered again by any Dolphins fan. That dream is over.

3) Any notion that Matt Moore could pick up a little steam here these last few games and have a future here in Miami is also over. Washington is a bad team and Moore did nothing impressive. He made simple plays on simple reads and did nothing to lose the game.

A win is a win, but lets not make more of it than there should be. Miami is still a bad team and they beat a worse team. Take the win and move on.