Here come the 72' Fins

We have one unbeaten team left in mid November which means our good friends from the 1972 Miami Dolphins are all over the news. Chris Tomasson of FoxSports Florida recently contacted some members of the group and well, it was the usual.  If you ever wonder why people in the media take joy these days with the Dolphins and their failures, its because of this group right here who at times have been impossible to like.  The backhanded compliments they give out are tough to take. And this time around once again Mercury Morris is leading the charge when talking about the Packers.

“I don’t want to hear from the pundits that they’re going to pass us,” Morris said. “We were the first team to do it. They’d be the second team. They won’t be better than us just because they won 19 games.”

Shut Up Mercury, just please Shut Up! It's embarrassing to watch a man cling to a 40 year old record as it seems its the only thing that defines his life.

If its not bad enough with his comments on the Packers, Mercury is still fighting the 2007 Patriots. I mean seriously Mercury? Really? They lost, move on. It's over. They sure have. But Mercury goes on to take one last dig at the Pats over something that happened close to 5 years ago in saying...

“I didn’t like the way [the Patriots] came across. . . . They were too much in your face. They wanted you to bow down to them and kiss the king’s ring.”

But Mercury isn't alone, Dick Anderson might be worse. He is openly rooting for the record to stand and for Green Bay to lose.

"I hope our record stands," safety Dick Anderson said. "They say all records are made to be broken, but I wouldn't be a competitor if I said I hope they do it."

And Anderson is the clown who in 1991 started the ritual of toasting every year once the final team loses. But of course they don't do that and never have (wink wink, nod nod) or so they claim. Everyone knows they do, hell they used to do it in public for many years, but since this group has taken so much heat for being such blowhards and rooting too hard to hold a record in recent years they now say they never have. Although Anderson fondly tells a story that in 1994 he sent a case of champagne to the San Diego Chargers after their first loss (since they were the last unbeaten team that year)...I mean seriously? And you wonder why people don't like the 1972 Fins. THIS IS WHY!

Then we get to maybe the biggest loser of them all Bob Kuechenberg. Mr. DUI himself found a need to chime in.

"The most important thing that has ever happened in my life is us having the perfect season," said Bob Kuechenberg, then a Dolphins guard. "The second most important thing is what happened when the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl, preserving us as the only perfect season."

Really? The 2nd most important thing of your entire life is when the Patriots lost the 2007 Super Bowl. Are you kidding me? Considering the unbeaten season was the first most important thing, I'm sure the wife and kids are real happy good ole Dad thinks so much of them. I mean Jesus Christ Bob have a little perspective. It's no wonder you aren't in the NFL Hall of Fame; its because you are totally unlikable in every way with these stupid comments! Who the hell would vote for ya to get in? Get a grip on reality Bob.

Look, I know its sacrilegious for a Dolphins fan to say anything bad about the 1972 Miami Dolphins, but I can't take it anymore. This group is too hard to take. For the love of god they need to shut up and let it go. Now, I understand they aren't out seeking media attention that the media is calling them and asking for quotes, I get that. Yet that doesn't give them the excuse to say the things they say and come off as just unlikable on every level.

This 1972 team I think believes that if another team goes and has a perfect season that the NFL will come and take away their Super Bowl rings or something. They are trapped in this bubble and its sad to watch. Which is why I am rooting for one of two things to happen....

1) Green Bay to have a perfect season and shut this group up forever so we never have to ever hear from them ever again.


2) Green Bay to lose ASAP so at the very least we don't have to witness another 4 or 5 or however many more weeks of every time one of these ex-Dolphins are coming out of their 4pm early bird dinner at some restaurant in Florida a microphone is shoved in their face and they say something silly that makes Dolphins Fans cringe.

In closing my final message to the 1972 Dolphins is to just let it go! Let it go! Don't come out with these proactive attacks on the Packers. Don't openly root for them to lose. If they lose, fine. If they go perfect, fine. It doesn't take anything away from what you guys did in 1972. These comments on the Packers and the Patriots still, they aren't cute, they aren't funny...they are just sad!  Just let it go guys! Open up your hearts and as the kids say these days.....don't be drinking the Haterade!


  1. I loved the 1972 Dolphins. They will always have a special place in my sports heart. But enough is enough. To me, the 2007 Patriots are the standard. They went 18-0 before losing while the 1972 Dolphins went 17-0. Still same season, which includes playoffs. The 2007 Patriots shouldn't be victimized because they played in a longer season.

  2. Nice rant. You weren't around in 1972 to experience the undefeated season, so it really means nothing to you.
    And calling Bob Kuechenberg a loser because he got a DUI? That's a mature thing to say. Yeah, we know no other player in the history of sports has ever done that.
    And Brian, how can you say the Patriots are the standard? So they were 18-0 before losing the game that REALLY counted. That made them 18-1. The 1984 49er's and 1985 Bears were also 18-1, but they both won the one that REALLY counted. I think the 49ers and Bears would take their rings over a 16-0 regular season.

  3. More than 1 DUI my friend. A lot more than 1. Might want to read up on his past.

    When guys came within striking distance of Joe Diamaggo's hit streak I didn't see Joe D rooting for pitchers or popping bubbly when they came up short. I didn't see Bob Knight last night rooting against Duke and Coach K when his record was about to be broken. I could go on all night. The 1972 Fins show NO CLASS and are impossible to like these days. They can't shut up, go away, or die fast enough. It really is tough to take listening to them. They have no basis in reality at all.

  4. So don't listen to them. Is somebody forcing you to listen to them? It's not about a record, it's about an accomplishment that no one else has accomplished. It's a sense of pride for them. It's a sense of pride for fans from that era. But like I said, you weren't around back then so it doesn't mean as much to you.

  5. don't be a bitch Ken. With the "you weren't there" thing. Please. It's like saying you never served in a war so don't comment on veterans day or any conversation on wars. Because it doesn't mean as much to you. Give me a fucking break.

    And the point YOU miss like they do. If someone else goes 19-0, the 72 Fins accomplishment doesn't go away!!!!!! They can still have pride in it. It's still an accomplishment!! That's what the rest of America understands but they and obviously you are clueless about.

    And YES i am forced to listen. To do my job here on this site every Miami radio station I turn on to get news/info/scoops, or newspaper I read, or video/news broadcast I watch online I am now smashed over the head with this big-headed arrogant group.

  6. So now we are comparing football to wars? That's pretty silly. Whatever. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  7. no comparing the "you weren't there so you don't understand..." childish argument. War was just one example. There are a million others.

    It's a bitch argument.

  8. You have such a great way of changing words around. First of all, I said "you weren't around back then so it doesn't mean as much to you', not you weren't there so you don't understand. Two different meanings. And you don't know for what reason people feel the way they do.

  9. They feel the way the do because they are total losers who care clinging to a record like its the only thing that matters in their world. You don't see Dan Marino on TV every week rooting against Brees and Brady to not break his passing record this year. Dan has perspective and class. The 72' Fins have neither! Never have and probably never will.

  10. So your saying I'm a total loser now? Your comments on this are really getting asinine. And of course Marino is not going to say anything on national tv about his records possibly being broken, but do you honestly think he is happy about it? He really cherished those records you know.

  11. no the players are total losers.

    And I don't think Marino cares one way or another if his record his broken. He wasn't unhappy when Farve broke a bunch and when Manning and Brady broke a couple. He was laughing with them all and praising them. And if if he was unhappy he was SMART enough and CLASSY enough not to go public with it. It's just a record, not that big a deal. The 72 team has NO class and shows their unhappiness to everyone. They are losers

  12. The big difference between Marino and the 72 team is that Marino has to be indifferent because of what he now does for a living. When Favre was getting close to his records it wouldn't have looked good if he had said something like I hope that backwoods swamp rat doesn't break my records. Is it going to hurt Mercury Morris or Dick Anderson to say they hope no one goes undefeated? Nope.


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