If Miami doesn't get LUCK-Y I'm fine with it

For "Joe Fan" out there Andrew Luck is a  new name in the sports world and someone who has just come on their sports radar. People like myself and others who follow college football and such have known about Luck for 3 years now and have known what kind of special talent he truly is. What I am finding amazing is the media attention that is now around Andrew Luck. Yes, he is great and will be a star in the NFL.Yet, Andrew Luck, through no fault of his own, has turned into a side-show circus. The likes of Terrell Owens, Michael Vick, Ricky Williams a few years back. The amount of press he is now getting is something I have never seen in my life. Wherever he goes and whatever he does gets 24/7 media coverage and I'm not sure if that aspect which will follow him to the NFL hurts his overall value.

The hype around Luck and the expectations on him entering the NFL are enormous. So much so that it will probably hurt his play and the overall team early on. It's going to be a 3-ring circus like we have never seen before and a major distraction. Look as good as Luck is he will still be an NFL rookie making NFL rookie mistakes. Luck is often compared to Peyton and Elway. Well, Peyton Manning threw 28 INT's his rookie year and fumbled 3 times, he was a walking turnover machine. And Elway in 10 starts as a rookie threw 14 INT's.  But Peyton and Elway didn't have to deal with the media crush anything like Luck will have to. If Luck has a bad week 1 as a rookie you will have people calling him a bust. The expectations are going to be so high that he will never be able to meet them and no QB in the history of the sport probably could. It could ruin him. Once again, this is through no fault of his own. Luck isn't bringing this on himself but it is reality.

Most people 4 months ago couldn't have picked Andrew Luck out of a police lineup if he was standing next to a bunch of Vegas Showgirls. Now everyone under the moon is talking about him like they have seen him play every game for three years.  Or you have people who have only watched a few minutes of one game (probably the USC game last week) giving insight about his ability. It has turned into a joke. The hype around him is going to be crippling. The expectations on him will be crippling. I mean Luck threw a late INT vs USC and people who know nothing and probably have never seen him play more than a few quarters ever, were ripping him for it. Comparing him to Ryan Leaf off of one play. Off of one INT, in one game, a game he ended up winning on his own in all honesty. It has become silly to hear what people are saying about this kid. And not the idiot drunk fan at the bar, I mean respected journalists who cover football for a living.

Also, the actual term and the whole "SUCK FOR LUCK" thing is totally played out. It was cute at first, but now its just lame. First, there is no team losing games on purpose so the phrase is just flat out wrong. Second, at this point any time I hear someone use that term I view them as a simpleton who just learned about Andrew Luck yesterday and I automatically dismiss their opinion on the issue.

Bottom line is this, if Miami ends up with the #1 overall pick in the draft, YES I would hope the Fins take Andrew Luck. It's going to be tough as it will turn the Dolphins into a side-show act for a while. And the media attention Luck will bring the Fins will make it tough on any new coach and GM let alone him the player. But its the right move. Although, if Miami ends up picking 2nd, 3rd, or 4th...my heart won't be broken in the least. I am fine with Landry Jones or Matt Barkley as the next Dolphins quarterback. Just because it saves us from the side show circus atmosphere that is now following Andrew Luck. And for the record, I would be 100% against giving up 3 first round picks on top of switching spots in this draft (ie moving 4 overall first round draft picks total) to jump a spot or 2 spots to draft him. That's insane especially with other QB's on the board. That is going to be the asking price on top of other complementary picks in other rounds. If the Fins do that they are totally clueless.

Remember this is America where we build people up only to tear them down. And I haven't seen anyone being built up like this in a very long time.


  1. I saw one article where the writer suggested it would take two number 1's, two number 2's and 2 number 3's to move up to draft Luck. That's crazy. That would strap a franchise financially because the only way to replace those picks is through free agency. And I certainly wouldn't be upset if Miami ended up with Landry Jones or Matt Barkley either, which will probably end up being the case anyway because I don't think they will go 0-16.

  2. I think Miami and Indy go 0-16 and Indy wins the tiebreaker when all is said and done

  3. I'll bet ya 5 bucks Miami beats Kansas City or Washington.

  4. KC will kill Miami. KC is good.

    Washington is very winable for the Fins

  5. Hmmm...so far Miami is doing the killing :)


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