If there was ever any doubt....

If there was ever any doubt Sparano needs to go, yesterday's performance in Dallas ended that debate. I know in recent weeks some Fin Fans were chirping that if Tony ended the season with this team winning 6 or 7 games and playing well that he should stay. I laughed at this notion and yesterdays loss to the Cowboys is why I was laughing. With Tony Sparano some things never change and the Dolphins and the Cowboys game pretty much summed it all up. Settling for field goals, horrible clock management, and terrible decision making on the 2pt conversion ( oh wait like an idiot we didn't go for 2). Sparano showed the world why he isn't a big time NFL head coach, check that, why he isn't NFL head coaching material.

I know some of you got all giddy when Miami beat a god-awful KC team and followed it up beating a miserable Washington team and then polished off a Buffalo Bills team who's aspirations were going down the tubes faster than Rick Perry's and Herman Cain's. But beating three teams that are clearly worse than you isn't enough reason for Sparano to get new life in Miami. 3 good weeks doesn't erase 3 bad years.

But look at the Thanksgiving day game, Miami gets two turnovers off the bat with prime field position and they do nothing. They are in the redzone all day and settle for field goal after field goal. The Dolphins out play the Cowboys the entire game, beat them like a drum, and still lose. I mean its the same story with the same ending we have seen for the last 3 seasons about 25 times. The last game of the year is January 1st and by 8am January 2nd Sparano, Daboll, Nolan and the entire staff needs to go. Period. I don't care if the Dolphins win out the entire month of December, they all need to go!

Oh, and in closing if anyone wants to still claim taking Jake Long over Matt Ryan was a smart pick just re-watch yesterday's game. Screw You Parcells, choke on a turkey bone!