Jason Taylor gets ripped off

TMZ is reporting Jason Taylor's investment broker ran off with roughly $275,000.00 of his money. That from August 2009 till March 2011 Eric Kim took about half of what JT gave him to invest and wrote 37 checks, and 32 of those were written out to himself or to "cash" and JT is now suing for fraud.

Although JT should have known something was fishy when Kim said he would invest the money for JT and charge no fees.That should have raised a red flag.


  1. eric kim is a professional scam artist. he should go to jail.

  2. JT should smack round that rice d$ck, that'll teach em.

  3. more $ is stolen by the point of a pen than the point of a gun....for sure

    if this dude was black & robbed a store for $100 he would go to jail for 10....... he take 275 large and he get sued....that justice!?!?!


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