Marshall Spiked Ball off Vontae's head

So what was the reason why Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall almost came to blows this week. Well, its complicated so lets break this down. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports one day at practice this past week Brandon Marshall spiked a football off the head of Vontae Davis, which of course set Vontae Davis off and the fireworks began.

Now, the other part of the story is from a report by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, That the real reason Vontae Davis was left back in Miami and not with the team today was not because of his injury or even his blow up with Marshall. It is because many Dolphins officials believe Vontae Davis showed up late to one practice last week with a hangover. That Davis had the smell of alcohol all over him and was late and the team punished him for that.

So, nobody is innocent it seems. Vontae screwed up by showing up late and with a hangover. Brandon Marshall is still a bad guy for spiking a ball of a teammates head. For Vontae his first incident since joining the NFL. For Brandon more proof he is a bad guy and its another incident to add to his long list of "drama" that he always seems to be in the middle of.


  1. Maybe we should take another look at Vontae Davis. He is obviously very immature and has underperformed for much of his career. I hope that he is able to emulate his brother Vernon, who also underperformed for his first three seasons before developing into a star for the 49ers. This begs the question as to whether Tony Sparano, very well liked by his players, has been too soft on his players.


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