More Brandon Marshall Drama

It never ends with this Brandon Marshall. His name is always in the middle of somethings stupid. Jeff Darlington of is reporting there was a near fist fight this week between Vonate Davis and Brandon Marshall when Brandon took trash talking too far. And this is the real reason Vonate Davis was left in Miami and didn't make the trip to Kansas City. Davis has practiced this week some and seemed healthy enough to possibly play. And the Dolphins say he was left back in Miami not because of his injury, but of course the Dolphins deny this report and what is in it.

From the report:
Davis had to be restrained after Marshall started "talking (trash) and crossed the line," a source with knowledge of the altercation said. The source would not provide specific details of what set off Davis.

"Vontae was about to rip his head off," the source said.

Davis told a few people close to him that he believed he wasn't making the trip to Kansas City as a result of the altercation

Brandon Marshall is playing his way out of Miami very quickly.  I cannot see a new coach or GM wanting to deal with this clown. With all the drops, the silly personal foul penalties, numerous dropped touchdowns, stupid comments in the media about getting thrown out of games, his off the field domestic violence case of being stabbed this summer and lying to police, and now starting a locker-room war with his teammates because he has a big mouth, I don't know if you can come up with one redeeming quality Brandon Marshall has as a person or a player.


  1. He's become a cancer on this team plain and simple. He is not even in the vicinity of being an elite receiver.


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