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Just finished reading Armando Salguero's article this morning in which he talks about the possibilities of the Dolphins trading for Payton Manning and the drafting of Andrew Luck. In the article, he pretty much says that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is infatuated with Luck and will order whoever is running the draft to get Luck no matter what it takes. And that is worrisome for a couple of reasons. First of all, even just to move up a couple of spots, especially this year is going to cost dearly. At the very least a couple of number ones, maybe more.

As many people have pointed out, the Dolphins need more than just a quarterback. Drafting high in the first round also means high picks in the second and third rounds, where you can pick up quality players. The Dolphins have many needs, not just at QB. If you start trading away picks, you take away the ability to fill those needs. Then you have to turn to free agency which can be expensive and doesn't always work as you planned. And if you have read my stuff before, you know I love draft picks!

Hey, if the Dolphins have the first pick, I'm all for drafting Luck. But if they have the second or third pick, Barkley or Jones would be just fine with me. They have JUST AS MUCH of a chance to make it as Luck does. And you still have all of your other draft picks to start filling in the holes around him.

And, if the tables are turned and the Dolphins have the number one pick and the team sitting at two or three wants to give up a bounty for Luck, I would be all for that too. They could still draft Barley or Jones and have the opportunity to add even more quality players.

As for the Dolphins trading for Manning, all I have to say is this...the guy is 35, just had serious neck surgery and if Carl Peterson would really recommend to Ross that he give up a number one for Manning, maybe Ross should be getting advice from someone else. This franchise needs to think about it's future, not just next year.


  1. Peyton is owed so much money he can't be traded. He would have to be cut by Indy. Trading him and taking the cap hit would almost make it impossible to field a viable team for Indy. If they traded him and the cap hit with what he got as a roster bonus all becoming accelerated to next year, it would tie up half their cap.

    Armando should have known better. Salary Cap 101. This is simple stuff.

  2. Plus Peyton has a March 8th roster bonus due, so the trade would have to happen prior to that date. And that might be prior to the 2012 league year (ie free agency)starting. Which is impossible.

    A trade involving that kind of player with that much money takes weeks to work out. You don't pull it off in such a short time frame. And with the roster bonus in early march due, almost impossible to pull off.

    Disappointing that Armando wrote a stupid article and didn't now this stuff.

  3. True about Manning. I didn't even think about that. I think I was more concerned about Ross's infatuation with Luck and his do whatever it takes to get him attitude. I honestly think that is why Sparano is still the head coach. He thinks he will keep on losing with Sparano and get that 1st pick.

  4. Sparano is the head coach cause Ross needs to repair his image with other owners, the media and fans.

    If he fires Tony he looks like a knee-jerk reaction fool who acted dumb last January and dumb now and nobody will want to work for him in the future. By NOT firing anyone he looks like a guy who is level headed and can repair his image. Ross is playing this smart. Ross hurt himself last January, he is trying to repair that now.


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