"Suck For Luck" can Suck it, Win Moore.

Andrew Luck is a great quarterback. I would question anyone who finds a flaw with that statement. However, after today's impressive 31-3 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, I think it's hard to argue that drafting a quarterback, specifically Andrew Luck, is essential for the Dolphin's future. Matt Moore was a key contributor in the victory at Arrowhead Stadium, throwing for 244 yards with 3 touchdown passes and ZERO interceptions, something that as DolFans we have come to accept by our former quarterback Chad Henne ( He went to Michigan, enough said). I'm not saying Moore is a great quarterback, but he is definitely not the most substantial weakness on the Dolphins' roster.

With all that said, I know half of DolFan Nation is cramming onto the Suck For Luck bandwagon with no intentions of falling off, regardless of whatever argument I or anyone else makes, but I am hesitant to call you "fans" and here is why:

Brian Cronauer
YAY Mediocrity for the next decade. RT CONGRATS to all the Dolphins on an AWESOME win today!!!

LOL this guy said he would choose andrew luck over the superbowl. hes getting a unfollow after that one.

Btw.. that throws suck for luck out the window unless indy starts working miracles. i guess we can blow for barkley

Jared Odrick
: you guys know it's week 9 and we have 1 win right” I dont care. U said "we" like ur a fan. We luv real fan support

These are only a handful of tweets that appeared on my timeline that made me cringe. As I write this wearing my #98 jersey, Odrick's tweet really gets to me.

Every Dolphin player on twitter tweeted positive, exciting statements about how happy they were to finally get their first win, yet these "fans" have the audacity to tweet at these athletes who just played their hearts out and criticize them? Or even worse, tweet how they are disappointed that the Dolphins WON because it spoils a chance at having the first overall draft pick? We all have our ideal roster in mind, our ideal season, our ideal record, but the definition of a fan is not "a dreamer." As fans we need to stand by our team no matter what record they have because WE are who they play for. Without our support they are just getting paid to run around a field.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, clearly mine is strong, but just as some DolFans are advertising the Suck For Luck campaign, I am endorsing the #WinMoore campaign. This campaign is not suggesting that Moore is the franchise's future, but rather that we as fans cheer for the team playing in the 2011-2012 football season, the season that almost didn't happen.

As my first blog post, I hope this gave you all some insight as to what kind of fan I am. I may be a young, college student (and yes, I know that I am a woman), but I am a passionate, life-long Miami Dolphin fan with a motive to re-inspire DolFan Nation to support our team.

#WinMoore and keep your #PhinsUp.

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  1. Karisa, the only problem with your WinMoore campaign is that the Dolphins could win themselves right out of being able to draft one of the 3 top QB's coming out this year. The Dolphins are never going ANYWHERE with the Chad Hennes and Matt Moore's of this world. Look, I've been a Dolphin fan much longer than you have even been alive. I was spoiled by having Bob Griese then Dan Marino. For the last 16 years we have been bottom feeders in the QB dept. and that MUST change. If it takes a 3-13 season, then so be it. There won't be any playoffs in Miami this year anyway, so what is the point?


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