Suck For Luck Probably A Thing Of The Past For Dolphans

Yesterday's win against Kansas City likely knocked the Dolphins out of the running for Stanford's Andrew Luck. If you have watched any highlights of any Indianapolis Colts game you know they are probably one of the most inept football teams to step on the field. They will probably go 0-16. The Dolphins on the other hand have looked good at times and SHOULD have at least three wins this year. They have a home game this Sunday that they should win. The second half of the schedule is tough after Washington, but I do feel the Dolphins will win at least 2 more games. That would leave them with a 3-13 record.

At 3-13 the Dolphins still might have to make a trade to move up a few spots because of the mediocrity that has gripped the bottom half of the NFL this year. Teams with QB needs that the Dolphins are competing with are, 3-5 Washington, 2-6 Seattle and 3-5 Cleveland. St Louis is also 1-7 but has a lot invested in Sam Bradford. The big question is, what would Indianapolis do with the number 1 pick? Do they trade it for a bounty of picks and hope Payton Manning, at 35 still has a few good years left? Do they keep it and draft Luck anyway and sit him behind Manning for a few years? Or would they consider dumping Manning and going with youth? As my colleague Mike Oliva pointed out to me, the only way for the Colts to get rid of Manning is to cut him. A trade would be virtually impossible because of salary cap implications. 

Now, here are a couple of things that worry me. We all know how Dolphins owner Stephen Ross likes the big name, the super star. First, I have read that he is enamored with Andrew Luck and will tell whoever is running the show in April to do whatever it takes to draft Luck. That could end up being very expensive in terms of turning over draft picks and could even set this franchise back because Miami has more needs than just a QB, plus the fact that Barley or Jones wouldn't come at such a high cost if Miami just had to move up a spot or two to get one of them.

The other thing that worries me just a bit is the Payton Manning issue. I say it worries me a bit because I really don't think Indy will just let him go. But just for arguments sake, lets say they do. I could see Ross signing Manning and foregoing a young QB in the 2012 draft, after all Manning is one of the biggest names in the NFL. At 35 and with his neck injury problems, that could be a disaster. I'm sorry but I just don't think Manning has much left in the tank.

My ideal situation you ask? I hope the Dolphins can position themselves, either through record or trade up to take Barkley or Jones. And here comes the part I might take crap for but...Bring in a veteran QB to start the season, a good guy who is a team guy that the rookie can look up to. That guy you ask? Chad Pennington. And why not? Do you want our prized rookie QB learning from Henne or Moore? Penny wants to attempt a comeback next year and you know that, unfortunately he won't last the season. But he would (hopefully) last long enough to teach the new kid a thing or two. Get some game time lessons before he is thrown to the wolves.

Anyway, just some thoughts on the Dolphins future QB options. As always, feel free to comment!


  1. jesus christ Pennington? The guy gets hurt climbing out of bed everyday. He sucks. You can't rebuild and move forward if you keep bringing back a retread QB who has never won anything in this league of note. My god.

    And if you take a QB in the Top 5 or in Rd 1 you play him, no more sitting. Those days are over. That's Bill Parcells "YESTERDAY NFL" logic that has us in this mess to begin with. It's 2011 a different NFL.

  2. Didn't say the whole season, did I? Penny won't last more than a few games. But you need a veteran QB when you have a rookie.

  3. no you don't. That is a total myth. And when coming off a horrible season you don't start a washed up vet. Thats just idiotic, You let the kid take his lumps and learn. Like Newton, Sanchez, Gabbert,all the way back to Peyton and Troy....etc. It's the BEST way to go!

  4. Gabbert didn't start the season as the starter, Luke McClown did. Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder didn't start off the season as starters either.

  5. During Chad Pennington's last game, the defensive linemen went right for his bad shoulder to knock him out of the game. By NFL standards, it didn't take much of a hit for this to happen. Pennington won't last more than a quarter if he plays again.


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