Tony Sparano

Tony Sparano will not be the Miami Dolphins head coach in 2012. What I’m about to say is not about saving his job or that I think he is a great coach. I don’t think Sparano should get another year. He has not earned it. The Dolphins should let him go after the season has ended an move onto their next head coach.

With that being said, I do feel bad for Sparano. I think he is a good man, just in over his head right now. I like him probably more than any other coach since Don Shula left. He is not an arrogant ass like Wannstedt, Saban and probably Johnson. Hes not a goofball like Cam Cameron. He is respected by his players and they have not given up on him, which is pretty obvious given how they have played the past three weeks.

Sparano has taken the brunt of fans and media criticism this year even though it is certainly not all on him. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland deserve as much of, if not more of the blame than Sparano. Owner Stephen Ross pretty much handcuffed him in terms of hiring coaches when he courted Jim Harbaugh after last season. But as we know, the old, outdated big fat Tuna ran off when he realized HIS blueprint was a failure. Jeff Ireland, the GM who put this team togther hides away somewhere.

I suspect Sparano will get a job as an assistant somewhere next year. Will he get another shot at a head coaching job in the future? It wouldn’t surprise me. But he has to learn from his mistakes. Mistakes such as loyalty to an old, washed up player. I think you know who I’m talking about. The turnstile at right guard…yeah him. He also has to unlearn most of what he has learned from Bill Parcells. That stuff worked 25 years ago, but this is a different NFL.