Ass-Clown in handcuffs and in the back seat of a police car

Trouble Finds Me Everywhere!
Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post and Craig Davis of the Sun-Sentinel are reporting a story that is just coming out now that took place in early November. Shocking news here but Brandon was in handcuffs and in the back seat of a police car. Why you ask? Get this...

Marshall attends a birthday party for a teammate, he gets in a taxi cab after the party and goes to the Miami International Airport and then the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport; (which is odd to say the least; one report said he was stone cold drunk but that hasn't been confirmed) there Marshall gets out of the cab after he says he has to use the restroom. Goes into the airport in one door, exits shortly after using another door and jumps in another cab without paying the first cab driver in a move to try and avoid paying the fare. The first cab driver sees the entire thing and notifies the second cab driver of what is going on. The second cab driver took Marshall to Port Everglades instead to his house where law enforcement finally came to sort through the situation. The first taxi driver is saying Marshall feel asleep during the initial ride.

Marshall was handcuffed and taken by police car to the station where he just paid the $142 fare and everyone agreed to drop everything and just move on.

Once again, with this Ass Clown its always something!


  1. You're always so mean to poor Brandon

  2. IF he was as intoxicated as reported, isn't it entirely possible he went into the airport to use the restroom and when he came got, into the wrong cab. With as many taxi's that sit outside the airport an having been intoxicated a few times myself, I could see this as a plausible scenario. Do you think he would try to get out of a $146 cab fair and risk the negative exposure? I think it was an honest mistake.

  3. Uhhhh.....Never mind what I just posted, didn't realize it was a story about Brandon Marshall!

  4. When he got in the 2nd cab the 1st cab driver approached him and said you owe me money. Brandon said no I don't and ordered the 2nd cabbie to drive off.


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