The Bum Had to Go

It was time. It was time to let Tony go. I applaud Mr. Stephen Ross for firing Tony yesterday and how he went about the whole situation. Firing someone is never easy nor fun but the way Mr. Ross handled it was perfect. Do it before the holiday's, do it with 3 games left so nobody (especially Tony) was given false hope that he could possibly stay, and do it late on a Monday afternoon giving Tony a shot to get out of dodge before the media hit.

Firing Tony was inevitable.The man was a bum as an NFL head coach and couldn't cut the mustard. He was in the tail end of his 3rd losing season in a row with the Dolphins. The NFL is a results oriented business and flat out, Tony was't getting results. This isn't a popularity contest where "good guys" finish first or "the team liked him" so he gets to keep his job. Al Davis said it best..."Just Win Baby!" That's all fans and owners care about; winning!  Let's also be honest, if the Jets don't get Favre in 2008 and cut Chad Pennington in August and if Tony doesn't have Chad fall right in his lap...Sparano wouldn't have had even one winning season in Miami. Not one! The fact Pennington stayed healthy all of that year is another bit of luck Tony got. Bottom line, Tony had one lucky year in Miami and three miserable losing seasons. Not good enough!

Tony had many issues as the Dolphins Head Coach. A god awful 2pt conversion decision vs the Jets in 2009. The timeout debacle vs the Saints in 2009 before halftime. Endless and I mean endless terrible "red flag" challenge decisions over four years. His play it close to the vest and no risk taking offensive style. The embarrassing fist pumps after field goals. But the true killer of them all...the supposed "O-line Guru" couldn't build a decent o-line. He got to use two first round picks (Long, Pouncey), had the front office break the bank on Justin Smiley, traded for Jake Groove, was left with a decent holdover in Vernon Carey yet still, Tony's evaluation of the o-line was a flat out disaster. If you can't coach you're own position you probably can't coach an entire team. And this unfortunately turned out to be true!

Starting off 0-7 this year sealed Tony's fate, the mini win streak over some god awful teams like KC, Washington, Buffalo, and Oakland wasn't going to save him. Tony could have beaten Dallas on Thanksgiving and Philly this pat Sunday, he was still going to get fired  at some point this year or after the year and deservedly so.

I am sure Tony is a great guy. An outstanding father and husband. He probably buys a ton of girl scout cookies and helps old lady's cross the street...but as an NFL head coach he was terrible. The bum had to go. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out Tony!


  1. And Bill Belichick was considered a bum in Cleveland until he went to work for a REAL NFL owner.

  2. You go hope for lightening to strike twice and go be Tony's PR man. EVERY fired and failed NFL coach could use the failed Belichick "excuse". It's a friggin joke!!! lol

    Besides, Tony coached for 2 owners in Miami. Which one do ya blame? The one that hired him or the one that fired him?


  3. Huizenga was an idiot too. Funny how this team has pretty much been shit since the Robbie's sold it. New owners, new coaches, a new QB every year, it's like a fucking merry-go-round. And you think Ross and his boy toy Ireland are gonna fix it? That's a laugh.

  4. Maybe not fix it but they can't be any worse.

    Hey they were smart enough to know Harbaugh was the real deal and go chasing him. They had the right guy just couldn't close the deal


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