Can Sparano Save His Job?

This question would have been a hysterical joke 5 weeks ago, when the Dolphins were 0-7. A majority of Dolphin fans wanted him fired back then. But the tide has changed and some people are starting to change their mind about Sparano. For instance, This Poll in The Sun-Sentinel is running in favor of retaining Sparano. And not just by a slim margin. All of the local papers are talking about the possibility of Sparano keeping his job.

A few weeks back, I Wrote That Sparano Would Not Be Back next year. I still feel that way, but things can change. If Miami wins out, and that includes beat New England in Foxboro, and they look good doing it, Sparano may have saved his job. Even if they lose to New England, but show they can hang with them it might be enough. Right now, my opinion is wait and see. I want to see how they fare against teams fighting for playoff spots or position. I'm hoping the Pats and Jets are still fighting for something when the Dolphins play them. That will be a good gauge as to how good this team really is.

It is STILL hard to ignore that 0-7 start, no matter how they finish. But what has changed since then that has turned the Phins around? Well, for one thing, Sparano is moving away from the Parcells way of thinking. Bill Parcells blueprint for success was great...25 years ago. That is a positive for Sparano. He has changed the way the Dolphins practice during the more pads. Apparently a lot of guys were out of shape and wearing down in the 4th quarter. That can be attributed to no real training camp. And of course, how can I forget? No more Henne!

You also have new players that came in that really didn't know each other, and Matt Moore who didn't spend much time with the starters until Henne was injured. It took about 4 games for Moore to get somewhat on the same page with everyone, which is what you get in pre-season. I think the rest of the offense has responded very well to Moore, much more than they did with Henne.

Another thing Sparano has going for him is they way the players have responded to him. Even during the 7 game losing streak they played hard. They have respect for him too. And in the NFL, continuity is a good thing.


  1. I think Sparano and Ireland have already saved their jobs as long as they break even the rest of the way the schedule does get tougher and the 3 game winning streak and the way the dolphins are dominating teams makes it seem like the dolphins are on the right track. Throw this all in with Moore who has been a pleasant surprise at QB Who i dare say it the best QB in Miami since marino and is doing a decent job. It is making this draft more interesting because if Moore continues to play well then taking a qb which we all thought would happen might not happen i would not be surprised if the dolphins draft another offensive lineman or safety/cb in first round now...

  2. I don't think they have just yet. But I will say one thing, I think Ireland is a weasel. He was silent through the entire 0-7 start, leaving Sparano to take the heat. Of course he has plenty to say now.

  3. they are both gone. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

    This team isn't running the table and will finish with 6 or 7 wins and and thats more regression under Sparano.

    Tony is getting fired, its a silly debate

  4. Would you like a list of things you've been wrong about this year? :P

  5. empty seats and lost money I am not wrong about. Reason why Tony is gone.

    Predicting a game wrong is one thing (especially with this fucking group) this is shooting fish in a barrel though


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