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A month away from Pink Slip Monday and the Dolphins soon to be in a NFL Head Coaching search, its time to focus on the coaching rumors going around. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network is reporting 2 teams have reached out to unemployed head coach Jeff Fisher about a "potential" opening they soon may have. LaCanfora is mentioning the Cowboys, Giants, Chargers, and Rams as possibly landing spots for Fisher. All of those teams are expected to make a head coaching change this offseason. Fisher has strong ties to all of those teams in some way.

Many believe one of the teams to be the Rams as the Rams COO; his father is Fisher's long-time agent.

I don't believe Fisher is a fit for Miami. I don't believe Fisher will want to go from one crazy owner to another with his next job. I have also been told  off the record that Cowher and Gruden as of today have no intention of coaching next season and both are content with their current jobs. That when Cowher gave his speech on CBS a month or so back that it wasn't BS and it was legit. That it would take a mind-blowing offer to get him to change his mind for next year.

The two names I believe will be in the running for the Dolphins job, and I know this isn't what you want to hear Dolphins fans, are.... Eric Mangini. He is Dawn Aponte's boy from Cleveland and Aponte was Ross's first hire and she has his ear on a lot of things. Plus, Mangini won't put up a fight on who is GM will be and will "go with the flow" on a lot of things. And Ross tried hiring Eric this past January as a "consultant."

The other name as a sleeper, is Brian Billick. He fits the mold of what Ross wants to a tee. Experienced, some-what of a big name, proven winner, and also like Mangini probably won't throw a fit about who is GM will be. Not to mention Billick has worked with Mike Nolan before from their days in Baltimore, so if you bring in Billick there is a chance Nolan could stay as defensive coordinator. Although I am hearing Nolan hates Miami and is dying to leave once his contract expires at the end of the season, so I wouldn't bank on that.


  1. Eric Mangini? That would piss people off more than retaining Sparano. Don't see that one happening.

  2. Ross wanted to hire him in January a head coach in waiting/consultant after he lost out on Harbaugh. Lots of ex-Browns in Miami;s front office as well led by Aponte.

    I could totally see it happening

  3. Yeah, that would make sense. Let's replace Sparano with a guy who has never won anything and has a worse record as a head coach. a 4-12 record and 2 5-11 records. Yeah, he's the guy I want!
    If Ross were to replace Sparano with Mangini, he better prepare for even more empty seats and season tickets not being renewed.

  4. His first year with the Jets was good, but it was all down hill from there.

    I don't want him, but don't be shocked if it happens


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