Does Ireland Have A Plan?

I live in southwest Florida, about 100 miles from Miami and about 125 miles from Tampa. The local FOX affiliate is just a little north of me and considered in the Tampa Bay region. So...they decided to show Jacksonville's beat down of Tampa Bay yesterday instead of the Dolphins/Eagles game. Oh, I called to complain, of course to no avail. In the end, they probably did me a favor.

I couldn't even bear listening to this on the radio. That second quarter was a killer. A killer of a respectable finish and a coach killer. Tony Sparano needed to win out and win out impressively to have any shot at being retained. Now he can rest assured that he will be let go on January 2nd, 2012. No doubt about that. My only question is why does Jeff Ireland get a free pass? He put this roster together. With Ireland in place, that probably rules out the "superstar" head coach owner Stephen Ross craves.

Of course if Mike's Report about Dan Marino taking over the Dolphins front office comes true, things could change. I put just as much blame on Ireland as Sparano.

Does Ireland have a plan all nicely laid out for Ross? Does he have a plan to make a trade to get Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or Matt Barkley? Does he have a plan to upgrade the Dolphins secondary and offensive line? If Ross wants to fill those empty seats next year, those three items are a must. Competition for those three young QB's is going to be fierce. In today's NFL you need an elite QB unless you have a very elite defense. Even then you need at least a good QB. How far do you really think Houston will go in the playoffs?