A Few Random Thoughts On The Day's Happenings

Now that the deed has been done, I want to give you my opinion about the firing of head coach Tony Sparano.

First of all, I think that Sparano should have been retained. This is not a talented team and he didn't buy the groceries, as Bill Parcells was fond of saying. He was handed an old and outdated offensive coordinator for three years. He was saddled with a QB who was nothing more than a serviceable back-up. He was saddled with the Bill Parcells blueprint for the past three years. Once he moved away from the Parcells way of thinking, things turned around this season.

Yesterday was a bad game, no doubt about that. Jake Long gets injured and the whole offensive line goes to crap. Matt Moore gets hurt and they have to turn to who? J.P. Losman? This was the first bad game since the 0-7 start. Injuries took a toll. If they wanted to fire him, it should have been done after the 7th game. Then again, maybe Ross sees that the team is playing hard for Sparano and he sees draft position slipping away. Surely the Phins might sneak in a win against the Bills, and maybe even the Jets. That would drop Miami even farther. Maybe Ross figures that now the team will quit and lose out.

There's something to be said for continuity too. Since Shula was convinced to retire, the head coaching position has been a turnstile. Constantly changing. Continuity and the fact that the players play hard for Sparano, that has to count for something, right?

Hopefully, if Ireland does stay, he can grow some balls at draft time. Instead of trading down and taking another project 2nd round QB, trade up and get a real QB. Get Griffin or Barkley no matter the cost. My money is on Griffin, and not just because he won the Heisman. Go watch highlights of the Baylor/Oklahoma game. Baylor had NEVER beaten Oklahoma and Griffin put his team on his shoulders and led them to victory. That 34 yard touchdown pass with 8 seconds left to win it was a thing of beauty and sold me on him.

Anyway, I wish Tony Sparano nothing but the best.