Jason Taylor: The Last Great Dolphin

Over the past 30 years there really have only been two long-time Dolphins who can be considered as Hall of Fame worthy, one of course was Dan Marino and the other will play his last game this Sunday. Junior Seau and Cris Carter are going to the hall of fame, but they were never "real Dolphins," they were only in Miami for a cup of coffee. Jason Taylor since 1997 has been the best player the Miami Dolphins have had on its roster year in and year out (minus the 2 years away he spent in Washington and New York.) Jason Taylor is the last tie to the Dan Marino era as well for this franchise as he was Dan's teammate for Dan's last two seasons. So when JT retires after Sunday's game a lot of history is going with him.

For most of Taylor's time in Miami the Dolphins have been a downright miserable franchise but the one constant has been JT's elite and high level of play week in and week out. Now, JT has had his drawbacks no doubt. He has often thrown fellow teammates under the bus in the media, he has often not been a locker-room leader when he was being paid to be one and when the situation called for it, he has not taken his offseason workouts seriously in recent years, and his attacking of Sparano when he went to New York and his public feud with Parcells was very messy.  But, come game-time for those 3 hours on the field, JT always brought it. And with all of that said, JT belongs in the Dolphins Honor Roll. They shouldn't retire his number, I believe only a select few should have that honor and JT didn't meet the criteria for that, but Dolphins Honor Roll, no doubt.

So, for the couple thousand of you South Floridians not hungover come Sunday morning/afternoon after New Years Eve, when you make the trip to Sun Life/Pro Player/Landshark/Joe Robbie Stadium, stand up and applaud Jason Taylor. Because who knows the next time you will see an NFL Hall of Fame player in a Miami Dolphins uniform and also thank him for his many years of service to this franchise.