Les Miles not interested in Dolphins job

CBS Rapid Reports college writer Glenn Guilbeau is reporting that LSU coach Les Miles is not interested in the Miami Dolphins' head coaching job. When contacted about the report of Miles being a candidate for the Dolphins job, LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said,   "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It would be surprising to see the Dolphins go after another LSU head coach after being so badly burned by Nick Saban. It would also be surprising to see Miles leave such a great job like the one he has at LSU. Of course one shouldn't expect Miles to say he would be interested even if he was due to the fact one of the biggest games of his life is a few weeks away. After the BCS Championship game if Miami doesn't have a coach and Miles is really interested, his tune could change.


  1. I am just utterly shocked that no one wants to coach this fine franchise. Utterly shocked at all the negativity. Actually I'm being sarcastic. I'm not shocked at all. No decent coach is going to come here to coach this three ring circus. Maybe Bozo the Clown. Think Cowher wants to give up his cushy TV job to try and straighten out this mess? HaHaHa.

  2. Jesus Christ Ken its just one guy and he may be lying for all we know to avoid distractions before the national title game.

    Jeff Fisher said today he wants to meet with all teams with an opening when he was asked about the Miami job!

  3. Of course he wants to meet with all teams with an opening. It'll drive his price up. And it's not just one guy. Cowher says he has no interest. They'll probably end up making Bowles the permanent HC because no one will want the job.

  4. Marino said today Cowher will have interest. Can't believe every report you hear and read Ken. Lots of false info out there

  5. Really? Here is a quote from Marino:
    “I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach, but I don’t think his mindset is that he wants to coach again,” Marino said. “He may change that over time but my feeling is that he’s a pretty straight-forward guy that tells the truth all the time. And he said on TV that he doesn’t have any plans to come back [and coach]. I believe him.”

    Doesn't sound like Marino is saying he has an interest there.


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