Marino in Talks to Take Over the Dolphins Front Office

Sources close to the Dolphins have told me that the Miami Dolphins are in talks with Dan Marino to accept a John Elway like role inside the organization after this season is complete. In this role Dan would hire the GM, hire the head coach, and have say in personnel decisions.

This is nothing like the Senior Vice President role Dan accepted in 2004 and promptly quit in short order after he learned he was going to be a figure head to shake hands and kiss babies and have no say in personnel matters. In this role Dan will have ultimate power in all football related matters.

Two immediate things that a move like this would open up for the Miami Dolphins would be...

1) Dan's close relationship with Bill Cowher and could Dan convince Cowher to come coach in Miami. Between Carl Peterson and Dan Marino, Cowher would have a close inner circle of friends who he could trust and work with in Miami making it an attractive job for him.

2) With Dan at the helm of the Dolphins it would make the organization much more attractive to Peyton Manning who is expected to be a free agent come March and able to sign anywhere he pleases. Dan's relationship with Peyton opens up that avenue for the franchise.

The talks are in the very early stages and nothing is close to being final yet. Word I was told is Dan's relationship with CBS hit the skids a couple years back when CBS (who also owns Showtime) picked up INSIDE THE NFL once it was canceled from HBO and fired Dan from that show replacing him with Phil Simms. Ever since that time Dan has kept all of his options open about returning to the league in some manner outside of television. We will have more on this story as it develops in the days and weeks to come.


  1. Didn't we go through this once before? You know, Dan is my favorite athlete EVER, but is he cut out for this type of position?

  2. Not the same role as before. This one has power. The last one was a glorified Mascot.

    Is Elways cut out for his role in Denver?

  3. Has Elway gotten lucky with this Tebow shit?

  4. And for the record, all Dan has control over really is who the GM and head coach is. It's not like Dan is going to the combine with a stopwatch and ranking the draft board.

    Read up on what the job actually is


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