Moore or merrier?

Now that Matt Moore has been a starting QB for several weeks, everyone has a firm opinion of his ability. At least for today. Judgments run the gamut from Moore's "the Second Coming" to he's "unproven against good teams". All agree he's an improvement over Chad Henne. It is possible the Dolphins are so QB-starved that anyone would look good right now. Or the team has seen so many journeymen QBs come and go that Moore just blends in with the others. Sort of like the dating process.

The Dolphins need to draft a QB in the first round of the 2012 draft. No further discussion on this. I'm reserving judgment on Moore until I see how he plays the rest of the season, particularly against the Patriots and Jets. Moore may have a role as a stopgap QB until a long-term answer is found. He may have a role as a permanent second-stringer. He may be the new Kurt Warner. The entire world can change within the next five weeks. We need to wait and see.


  1. When Henne went down, and we were still in Suck For Luck mode, did I or did I not say Moore gave us a better chance to win? Sometimes it takes QB's a while to blossom. Kurt Warner is a good example. But whether he is the next Warner or just a good back up, there is no doubt he is a better QB than Henne. I would go as far to say he is a notch up from Fiedler too.

  2. The comparison with Fiedler is an interesting one. I favor Moore because he is relatively consistent. Fiedler could look like a Hall-of-Fame QB one week, then like a third-string QB the following week. No top-tier QB ever leaves his team guessing which of his QB personalities will show up. Although the offensive line has improved for Moore, I don't feel that that is the entire reason why Moore has greater ability to get into the end zone than Henne.


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