We agree QB is the Dolphins' primary need in the upcoming college draft, Matt Moore notwithstanding. But what if none of the leading college QBs are available for the Dolphins in the first round of the 2012 draft? Some might be taken already, some may choose to stay in college for an additional year, some may not want to come to Miami, etc. Perhaps the Dolphins may not want to pay the very steep price in order to trade up. Just take the best QB available at that spot, no matter who he might be? I don't think so. The Jets traded up to get Mark Sanchez and that may now be starting to cost them dearly.

The Dolphins have many other deficiencies that require attention. SS Yeremiah Bell is turning 34 and may be starting to slip. The FS position has been a patchwork with neither Chris Clemons, Rashad Jones, nor Tyrone Culver able to secure it on a full-time basis. The right side of the offensive line is disintegrating. John Jerry was unable take hold of the RT position plus we may be seeing the last of Vernon Carey. The CB position has not been nearly as strong as people had thought, with the disappointing Sean Smith possibly about to bolt in free agency. NT may be up in the air as well. None of this is a secret to Dolphin insiders. The point here is not to look at the QB as a "savior". He is but one person, albeit a critical person, on a 53-man roster. Fans are obsessed with QB because he is often the team leader, the most obvious face on the field. There have been many great QBs in the past (e.g. Sonny Jurgensen, Archie Manning, Fran Tarkenton, etc.) who achieved little team success because they didn't have the necessary pieces around them. If the Dolphins can get either Luck, Barkley RG3, or Jones, for example, that would be wonderful. I wouldn't give up most of my draft to move up to get any of them, as New Orleans did to get Ricky Williams or Minnesota did to obtain Herschel Walker. San Francisco succeeded when they gave up their draft to move up to get Jerry Rice, but that is the exception not the rule. The important thing is to have a high "batting average" in the draft, to obtain players who will contribute for years to come. Starving for a QB doesn't mean that a team should overpay to get one. Even if the QB position has been a revolving door for over a decade.


  1. They haven't taken a starting QB in Rd 1 since 1983.30 god damn years!!!!!!! They haven't been a decent franchise since about 1992. Give up everything and more to trade up and draft a QB. I don't care if it means giving up 3 or 4 first round picks.

    There is no other position that matters. If they draft another friggin o-linemen or a safety in the Top 10, this franchise is a bigger joke than the Browns and Lions have been. They would be showing the world once again they simply don't GET IT!

  2. 3 or 4 first round picks???? That's asinine. No college player is worth that. If he bombs out like his daddy did you've handcuffed this team for years to come. 2 1st round picks a 2nd and a 3rd or something like that I'm ok with. I'd rather give up less and get RGIII.


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